Bombay Nites, San Eugenio, Costa Adeje

Friday night we were invited to go for a curry with friends.  The only stipulation was leave your wallet at home.  I don´t know if you remember but OH and I love our curries, that was the only disappointment with our holiday in India where we didn’t find any to match those served in our favourite restaurants here on the island.

The invite, although not necessary was by way of a thank-you for babysitting their boys.  They have three aged 6, 7 and 9 years and they are very well behaved, believe me if they weren´t I would never have done it a second time! In fact, we looked after them three times in total as mum was in hospital and they were no trouble.  We played computer games and come bedtime they each trotted off at their allocated time and we never heard a thing from them once they had gone upstairs.  

Anyhow, back to the night out.  We were looking forward to it because these friends have similar taste to ourselves and in the past, when we have eaten with them, it has always been enjoyable.  They asked if we could make it early and meet at the restaurant, as they needed to collect the boys from Taekwondo around 9.00.  I asked where and was told be at the Indian opposite the Irish Rover in San Eugenio for 6.00pm.  Thinking it was the Kashmir we parked in the commercial centre just before 6pm and as we got out of the car, the phone rang.  We were told it wasn´t the restaurant we thought but to head towards the Adeje Beach Hotel and it was in the parade of shops just after Laguna Park. 

It only took us a couple of minutes to reach Bombay Nites (why is it that restaurants called Bombay never change their name to Mumbai?)  but the drinks were already ordered and a huge basket of poppadoms was sitting in the middle of the table.

Bombay Nites, Tenerife Bombay Nites, Tenerife 

A man who I assumed was the waiter gave us the menu and although his English and Spanish weren´t the greatest we managed to place our order.  At that point, the owner Mustafa, who knows our friend, arrived.  He speaks English, Spanish and some German and he checked what we were having and the ‘waiter’ who was actually the chef went off to prepare our starters.

We had Tandoori king prawns, meat samosas, prawn puri and sheek kebabs.  They were certainly as good as our favourite restaurants.  Our main courses were Chicken Jalfrezi, Chicken Pasanda, Mixed Curry, which was lamb, chicken and prawn, and a Butter Chicken these were accompanied with Pilau rice and a selection of chapatis, parathas and naan breads. 

Bombay Nites, Tenerife Bombay Nites, Tenerife

All of the food looked lovely, my Pasanda was the best I have tasted and I have tasted some good ones.  I particularly liked the addition of dried bananas along with the fruit and nuts in the creamy chicken sauce.  When I commented on it, friend said this restaurant had been consistently good since they found it, and recently has got even better.

I would say it is arguably the best Indian restaurant in San Eugenio.  It is attractively furnished so there’s plenty of room and while I didn´t have to pay; looking at the menu the prices are relatively modest, especially given the quality.

Bombay Nites, Tenerife

I find it unbelievable that we had not discovered this restaurant before. I also find it strange that when people ask for recommendations on forums like Tripadvisor I can´t remember any tourists mentioning the name, maybe it is a cunning ploy to keep this little gem a secret.

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  1. ashkitty says:

    Seems like you have discovered a gem. Sad that you couldnt find your favs in India, but that would mostly be because most curries, as westerners know them, are pretty much modified to suit their taste. You should have been able to get their authentic version in India.

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