Full steam ahead – all aboard the Titanic

The hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic is upon us and like everywhere else in the world, Tenerife is going overboard with Titanic fever and nowhere more so than at Vivo’s in Las Americas.

We were welcomed aboard by Barry Sparkle, my favourite PR man in the whole of Tenerife and once we had embarked, were shown to our seats on the upper deck of the liner and offered canapés and champagne.

Tenerife, Titanic

Barry Sparkle

The deck was crowded with everyone dressed in their finery.  Prior to the evening’s entertainment, we lined up to have our photos taken with VIP guests on the cruise, Bitter and Twisted, before Captain Mark officially welcomed us aboard and Amy, the Maître d’ showed us to our table in the dining room.


Captain Mark


Maître d’ Amy

Once inside our tickets indicted which Class we were, 1st, 2nd or steerage. OH was Edward Calderhead 1st Class passenger, while I was Caroline, a nurse Tut! Tut! Nevertheless, being 39 years of age did compensate for being a crewmember that would ordinarily be below decks.  I am still at a loss as to how I found myself sharing a table with Mr Calderhead and a famous jeweller!  Still on this special night, protocol is thrown to the wind.

The meal, based on what was served in 1st Class that fateful night was superb. As with the previous Decades shows at Vivo the food was all freshly prepared and delicious.  The wine, specially bottled for the voyage, was free flowing, as were all the drinks for the evening and while I am not ordinarily a drinker, I did have three coffee liqueurs!

Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic

Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic

All the passengers were enjoying the journey, when halfway through dinner, there was panic as we hit an iceberg and one of the waitresses dropped a meal on the floor.  Alex, who has been on the ship a long time, went quickly to the rescue and things returned to normal for a while.

Tenerife, Titanic

Crew Member Sam

Tenerife, Titanic

Crew Member, Alex

After the meal Bitter and Twisted took us on a journey around the world, calling at the ports that the Titanic would have called at if it hadn´t sunk.  It is a bit confusing as to how Switzerland crept on to the list, but hey, this is the world of Bitter and Twisted and a reflection of their vivid and overactive imagination.

Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic

Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic

Just before the intermission Liz Brown gave us a wonderful rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” and the audience went wild, whistling and clapping enough to raise the roof.

Tenerife, Titanic

Liz Brown

After the break we continued our journey, as it was after the watershed, it got slightly more risqué, not embarrassingly so and not in bad taste, children would have loved it especially the parts where lots of water was splashed around.

Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic

At almost the end of the evening, Barry, to one of my all time favourite songs, “I am what I am”, took off the wig and makeup and was joined by Montserrat Caballé for the finale.

Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic Tenerife, Titanic

We learnt whether we survived or went down with the ship.

Tenerife, Titanic

I always thought that seeing two men in drag more than once would be repetitive but I have now see John and Barry in this venue on 3 occasions and every turn has been different.  I would thoroughly recommend them to any age group.

I would also express my thanks to the superb staff (crew) of the Titanic. Since the opening night, back in December last year when we saw Decades, closely followed by Decades Goes to Hollywood, they have become a tight, slick and extremely professional team.

Chris, the owner of Vivo, has spared nothing on producing a lavish show, each one bigger and better than the last.  I expect we can be confident that in another hundred years, people will still be remembering the Titanic but until that time I am looking forward to the next Vivo dinner show.   Someone whispered Christmas in June/July/August !!!

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  1. great review, wish we’d been there x

  2. Stuart Greenhalgh, Kelly Messent says:

    Outstanding Review…….We are so looking forward to The Queens Diamond Jubilee celebration on the 5th June 2012

  3. S Yiebie says:

    I’m loving what you’ve done you have to keep doing a good job as you have.

  4. Tricia says:

    lovely report as always by the Red Queen.

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