A bit of posing in Prague

When I worked for a living, I used to travel quite a lot.  Apart from Chicago where SSA’s Head Office was located and which I visited every quarter, I had regular visits to Europe: Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Helsinki but my favourite location was Prague.  I never managed to do too much sightseeing but what I did see I loved.

I used to enjoy showing off to OH when I asked where did you have your appraisal – mine was on the Charles Bridge.  Poser!!  Despite his never having been I knew he would also love it and so we set off on a short break, grabbed a cheap Easyjet flight and arrived in time to take in the Easter Market. (Yet again it has taken me a while to get round to writing this!!)

Our hotel was aptly named the Castle Steps, which is at the foot of the steps leading up to the castle.

For anyone who hasn´t been Prague is a city to see on foot, it is small and very pretty.  There are masses of walking tours to join and I think this is a good way to make sure you don´t miss any of the good bits.  Impossibly beautiful to describe so just have a peek.

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3 Responses to A bit of posing in Prague

  1. Fabulous! Definitely on my list of places to visit now and I love the slideshow of pictures xx

  2. Morgan Dougall says:

    Very nice website, thanks for share this article with us

  3. robin rumble says:

    hi , just having a little catch up on facebook and came across this about prague, it is one of our favourite cities in the world, we have visited 5 times and still havent seen all of it, we absolutely love the charles bridge, old town squares easter and christmas markets (complete with live animals for the nativity) vsysherad cemetry is truly amazing, we visited in 2009 to see queen and paul rodgers in concert at the O2 arena (not the london 1) and i was appointed tour guide for the 4 who hadnt been before they absolutely loved it. a city you instantly fall in love with.

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