Slippin’ and Slidin’

In the words of the song “We have joy we have fun, we have seasons in sun….” and apart from the numerous beaches, the south of Tenerife is also home to not one, but two water parks where you can enjoy a fun filled family outing.

I am often asked which is the best, Siam Park or Aqualand.  I did a blog a long time ago on Siam Park so perhaps I should balance this with my views on Aqualand.

The truth is they are equally brilliant and ideally people should try to visit both since they each offer something different.  However, like most things due to time and budget constraints families often have to make a choice when deciding which park to visit.

Siam Park, Tenerife’s newest water kingdom is already established as one of the best in the world.  It is for the thrill-seeker and because of height restrictions is not always suitable for families with little tots in tow. Aqualand, however, is geared towards a perfect day out for the whole family no matter what their age.

Once inside, the fun starts. Children love playing with water.  Watch their eyes light up at the sight of all the rides, chutes and twisting water slides.  For youngsters, there’s nothing quite like having fun, getting soaking wet and letting off steam whilst the parents relax.  Aqualand is that kind of place.  All around there are kids laughing and squealing as they are spewed out by the giant water dragon or descend the plunging chute from the lighthouse to be quickly ejected down the slide into the pool.

Not only children love the thrills of the park but also not wishing to be outdone the screams from teenagers and adults can be heard to ring out from the more scary rides like Twister and Tornado. Even grandparents will enjoy the spacious pools and the lazy river.  Be aware that this is a salt-water park so if you are expecting fresh water, you’ll get a shock!  Nevertheless there is no better way to cool down from the heat of the day.

I’m not really a water park fan  but Aqualand has several bottlenose dolphins and they perform a dazzling show that usually draws big crowds and should not be missed. The show takes place mid afternoon each day. I would go just to see the dolphins!

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For those interested in the technical stuff and the facilities:-

The dolphinarium gives a chance to learn and appreciate these creatures. Aqualand, has been recognised by the European Association for Aquatic Mammals (EAAM) as one of the leading reproductive centres for dolphins in Europe and to date has had a 100% success rate. The centre also boasts the latest in marine habitat technology to assist the dolphins and newly born mammals adapt to their new environment.

There are restaurants and snack bars where you can get food and drink, not the cheapest or the best but okay. If this is important to you make sure you pack a picnic, there are areas where you can catch a bit of shade and plenty of space to enjoy a lazy lunch.  There are also the ubiquitous photo opportunities of your ‘memorable day’ but you are under no obligation to buy and like any theme park, merchandise is available for those who want it.

Free buses whisk visitors to the park from around the main resorts of south Tenerife several times a day or a taxi will only cost a few Euros and for the return journey, there is a taxi rank outside the entrance.  If you are staying further afield, check Aqualand’s website, you can arrange to be collected on specific days, even if you are in Puerto de la Cruz in the north. A file to download gives all the information of where and when.

Bathed in sunshine, spacious, clean and safe for families, a good array of water slides and pools – the perfect setting for a water park.  What more could you ask?

Images courtesy of Tenerife Tourist Board and Tenerife
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