Countdown to Christmas – Vivo Tenerife

Christmas has always been a big thing in my life.  So, when I heard that Vivo, Treasure Island was planning a Christmas Spectacular in June, I was standing at the front of the queue waiting for tickets.

Vivo Xmas

It may seem strange that when the temperature on the island is soaring in the high 30s and ITV News is showing floods over much of the UK, we ‘Tinerfeños’ unlike the rest of the world hope for snow.  Well snow is what we got, along with Christmas trees, crackers and a full Christmas dinner.  All thanks to the wonderful Bitter and Twisted and Lorna Eade who has taken on the role of Commercial and Events Manager at Vivo (as if she and husband Stephen haven´t enough to do with Flyfotography).

Vivo Xmas

On Friday evening, my all time favourite PR man, the dazzling Barry Sparkle, met us at the door and after hugs and kisses (we do a lot of that here!)  We took our seats on the terrace to enjoy appetizers and mulled wine.  As you know, I’m not a drinker but I am partial to a drop of Glühwein, so I helped polish off OH’s as well.

We shared our table with some old friends and some new, Bambi Dhami who I knew by sight is the choreographer for the Decades and the Decades goes to Hollywood   shows but it was nice to sit next to her and I hope I have convinced her to write a ‘behind the scenes’ article for my blog.  If the front of house looks hilarious, imagine what is going on in the confined space behind those curtains.



As you can see from the images, the food was good and plentiful, the staff were their usual professional and efficient selves and after having got to know them during the Titanic show,  it was nice to chat and share a joke.

I don´t want to spoil the show for anyone by telling you what to expect be it enough to share a few images.  I would though recommend all of the Decades shows to anyone who enjoys side-splitting humour from consummate professionals, in one of the best venues in South Tenerife.



But Vivo is not all about dinner shows, these photos show (not brilliantly, as they were taken at night with a bog standard digital camera) that it is the ideal location for families.  Vivo is a ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’  themed oasis with its own sandy beach and pool, a kiddie’s play area, crazy golf and pool tables that are open from 9.00am through to midnight.  For some of the best FREE entertainment in the area, apart from enjoying a drink, from 9.30 each evening the lovely Marc Craig sings songs to suit all age groups. For a great holiday I would suggest you allow VIVO to work her magic!


With the laughter, lights and celebrations still dancing around in my head like a Sugar Plum Fairy, what could be more welcome and refreshing than to celebrate Christmas in these dog days of summer.

Now Mrs Events Manager what could you possibly be planning next?

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  1. Clair says:

    thanks for posting your articles so often, every day i access your website and check for updates. so i am always informed.

  2. Cristina says:

    thank you for sharing.

  3. Alexsandra says:

    very nice.

  4. I am a big lover of Christmas also and this looks great!! I am hoping that there are some of these VIVO shows when we are next over …. Fingers crossed! Thank you for sharing x

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