Restaurante Margarita, Los Cristianos

Following glowing reports of the Restaurante Margarita, when our friends arrived from Scotland and asked if we wanted to go there for the entertainment we agreed without hesitation.  We had a nice evening watching Charlie Hodge present a variety of music including Neil Diamond from 9.00pm until 11.00pm and then an hour of the wonderful Alex McRae.

Restaurante Margarita

We decided that for our next meet up, which was to be a Tuesday we would visit the Margarita again, but this time we would eat, as the food that was coming from the kitchen on the first night had looked and smelled good.

We arrived at around 8.45 and the restaurant was very full.  In hindsight, it would be best to phone ahead and reserve a table if you want to sit on the terrace in this particularly hot weather.  We were fortunate and were taken to table 13 which had an uninterrupted view of the bar where the entertainment for the evening was the lovely Lizzie Brown (I mentioned her divine rendition of the Celine Dion hit in my Titanic blog). She was followed by Pip Brown who had the audience in stitches with some of his outrageously  ‘camp’ antics (no guys you are quite safe he has a very attractive girlfriend)  as well as doing his splendid Michael Bublé tribute show.  Once again, the very talented Alex McRae rounded off the evening

Alex Mcrae Lizzie Brown 

We ordered a couple of vodka and cokes and straight cokes while we read the menu.  Both H and I ordered the medallions of pork with onions in cider sauce, this was accompanied by fresh vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, carrots, cabbage and sliced sauté potatoes).  OH ordered the leg of lamb, which had the same selection of vegetables minus the sauté potatoes, these were replaced by Canarian potatoes and D ordered the beef stroganoff with rice and chips.

Medallions of Pork - Restaurante Margarita

Stroganoff - Restaurante Margarita

Leg of lamb - Restaurante Margarita

The food was very good and the vegetables were fresh and cooked to perfection.

We had several more drinks and three of us ordered pudding, I had the drunken biscuit nice but a little on the dry side although that could have been because I swapped my vanilla ice cream for hubby’s strawberries.  He had a banana split and H had chocolate mousse.

Drunken Biscuit - Restaurante MargaritaBanana Split - Restaurante MargaritaChocolate Mousse - Restaurante Margarita

The only criticism I could possibly make is the tables are a little on the small side for the size of the plates and portions being served.

The bill for four people came to €100. I think it was worth every cent: we had after all chosen the most expensive meals on the menu.  We will certainly be going back even if it is just to sample some of their cheaper options, steaks, chicken, fresh fish and to meet again the pleasant and professional staff who add to the ambiance of an entertaining evening at the Margarita.

Restaurante Margarita

Details: Open 7 days a week
Cl Boston 11
Los Cristianos
Tel: 922753172
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4 Responses to Restaurante Margarita, Los Cristianos

  1. tenerifenell says:

    Great Report!

  2. RM says:


    I love your reviews and blog and have discovered some great restaurants from it but I feel compelled to comment about the Margarita restaurant.

    It may be a good night out for guests but unfortunately the place is a nightmare for residents of Parque Margarita such as myself. It’s a residential complex and so not everybody is out late at night as people are up for work the following morning but the Margarita restaurant loves to blast out music until midnight far in excess of the legal decibel limit (55dB) – laying in bed with the windows and doors shut and still being able to hear the music is frustrating. People with long-term lets in apartments near the restaurant are not renewing their contracts and some permanent residents are considering moving away altogether. Meetings with the manager have been met with complete indifference (“It’s my bar I’ll do what I want..) despite his breaking the law.

    Absolutely not your problem and I’m happy you had a good night but I just felt that this should be pointed out – sadly putting money in the owner’s pocket is making the lives of other people a misery.

    • Hi RM, I am happy to post your comment because I strongly believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. As you can see we did have a great time but I also sympathise with the likes of yourself (never even thought of that aspect) so will show your comments so others can also see both sides.

      I see you withheld you email address, please rest assured I would never use it.

    • Knowing the local police in that area, I am sure if the sound was above the legal limit they would have been in trouble about it! My son was one of the entertainers here last year and I know that they certainly kept a close eye on sound levels then, I can’t imagine this has changed.
      When people come on holiday they look forward to being entertained and enjoying good food and better company. Indeed the restaurant is used by many, many residents as well who know that they can have a fantastic night out amongst friends.
      There are, as with most things in life, pros and cons of living in a tourist resort, but remember without the tourists and the places that entertain them many of ‘our’ jobs would disappear and then where would we be?

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