Fire now in its third day!

On Sunday afternoon, I was looking on Tenerife Forum of Fun and spotted that one of the members had added a photo of a fire that had just started in Ifonche a few miles above where I live in the hills above Arona.  I wasn´t unduly worried as this happens most summers and is normally quickly under control.

Image from Stephen – The Beach in Tenerife

From being unduly concerned, the situation has escalated and the fire is now into its third day. Despite the tremendous efforts of the brave firefighters (who incidentally are all volunteers) the reports that are in the newspapers, internet, and forums suggest that while it is being managed in some areas, others seem to be spreading.

From where I live, there is just a murky brown sky and a slight smell of burning.

Due to the lack of rain for the past 12 months the reservoirs are low so the hydroplanes are about to start filling up from the sea near Los Cristianos.  This is probably the first bit of inconvenience the holidaymakers have had.  In fact many haven´t a clue what is happening above the resorts and probably wonder why they keep hearing sirens.  Last night while they were enjoying lots of firework displays just a few mile further inland people were worrying about whether they would have homes to return to.   In my opinion not the best timing on the hotels behalf!

It is however at times like this that you do see the best in people, and particularly in the ex-pat community (which is really all I can comment on due to language problems) they are all pulling together, offering beds and sofas to those who have had to leave their homes.  Organising benefit nights to help raise funds for those who have been working for free for days on end, doing whatever they can in any small way to make things better.   Being a small community we do moan about each other but it is in times of need that you really see the good in this bunch of people who have made Tenerife their home.

Now lets just hope that come tomorrow these fires are a thing of the past and we can all get back to normal.

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5 Responses to Fire now in its third day!

  1. greyjake says:

    I pressed the like button but it was to show appreciation of what you are doing in keeping us all informed. I think all bomberos/firemen of any country are amazingly brave people. I appreciate that sometimes their hardest task can be to recover a cat from a tree but it must be one of the few jobs that when you leave the house to go to work you can never be 100% sure you will ever return.

  2. Tricia says:

    It is blogs like this that are keeping people informed. I also hope that the fires will be out. Everyone is joining together to help out. A great idea to have a benefit night. Well done to them

  3. It’s good to see bloggers uniting too to help make people aware. Even those of us in the UK, who love Tenerife, care very much about what is happening to the residents, their livelihoods, landscape, flora, fauna and crops. Here’s hoping that these terrible fires end very soon.

    • Monica, It is hard keeping a track on who is doing what everyone is working so hard. I am trying to update Tripadvisor because many are interested but things are happening very quickly. I am in awe of Pip Brown and Shane Haigh-Sousa for beginning to organise a massive event to show our appreciation and hopefully raise money for the very brave bomberos and admire everyone who has jumped in with their organisational skills to make sure it happens.

  4. ceejayblue says:

    When we were at Golf Del Sur there were a couple of nights when the sky behind the resort glowed red and there was smoke. The resort staff said there was no problem (2nd night the glow was very, very red!) and it was probably another complex up the road having a BBQ!

    Last year on the Costa Del Sol there was a huge fire in the hills behind Calahonda and as far as Mijas and we watched the fire planes swooping down into the sea and picking up water to put the fire out. They are so brave and deserve some recognition, especially as a lot of them are volunteers.

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