‘Tenerife Sunshine’ is good for you!

Many people today turn to social networks and forums asking for recommendations from others who might have experience with a particular company, product or service.  I find it amazing that accolades from the faceless avatar carry so much creditability.  Of course, it feels good to offer helpful guidance to others but are we recommending this because it is the best for the person we are advising, or are we recommending it because it validates our own preferences?

In general I don´t recommend anything to anyone as invariably they come back with I can get it cheaper, bigger or better elsewhere. There is one place however; where I do spend time and usually find myself compelled to respond to questions from Tripadvisor members who are seeking advice on some aspect of their upcoming holiday.

I hate it when they ask which hotel they should stay in or which resort would suit them best. Similarly with recommending restaurants there are so many different factors to be considered, not just taste in food but what the poster sees as value for money, is it quantity, quality, ambiance, service.  It is difficult to know what ticks their boxes so again I try to steer away from those questions as what I find appealing could be a waste of money to someone else.

There is one area though that I have no hesitation in recommending.  When it comes to who should we use for Tenerife tours and excursions I can say whole-heartedly it has to be Tenerife Sunshine.   I have said it many times and I am sure there are people who think there is something in it for me.  In fact I have been asked that question but the answer is No!  I recommend them because I use them.

When the family come on holiday I invariably get a long list of may we do this, this and this.  I have learnt over the years that the best deals to be had are from Tenerife Sunshine so rather than shop around, I just hand over my list and the staff arrange everything for me. In general, the company can be quite flexible on dates so unless we have something specific we wish to do at a particular time they make the arrangements so we have something to do each day that also gives us time for catching a few rays and a bit of retail therapy.  My family are always impressed that Tenerife Sunshine work out a perfect balance, if they have booked us a late night show, then our next trip will probably allow for us to have a lie in.  If we have had something energetic to do one day, the next day could be a leisurely island tour.  They really know how to make the most of peoples holiday time so they don´t feel rushed, exhausted and in need of an extra holiday to get over the one they have just had.

Only once did I think we could have a problem.  With temperatures in the mountains hitting 40C we were due to be cycling down from somewhere near the top of Teide to the coast.  I called the office who said, could you change days?  – No the family go home tomorrow.  Not a problem, we will sort it out with the company and next time you are in town call in for your refund.  That is what I call service.  I am sure in many instances the customer would have had to deal with the supplier direct, only received a partial refund or even no refund.

If word-of-mouth recommendations are honest, they are powerful, and I am not the only person who recommends Tenerife Sunshine on Tripadvisor, there are many people who will recommend them through personal experience or because they know they are highly thought of on the forum.  I don´t recommend easily, I am quite hard to please but in the case of Tenerife Sunshine I suppose it is a case of recommendations fuel more recommendations and in this case they are justly deserved.


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8 Responses to ‘Tenerife Sunshine’ is good for you!

  1. Panama says:

    Before we go any further, we need to set the record straight… not all Tenerife tour and excursion companies are the same, but being a good tour company is something we take seriously. That is not attacking the competition it is just stating what people say about us. Check for yourself; go to Tripadvisor and search ” Tenerife Sunshine ” on the Tenerife forum and you will find at the last count over 24 pages of recommendations from people who have used us for all their holiday needs.

  2. La Quinta Park Suites says:

    Fantastic, very informative. I’m wondering why the opposite specialists of this sector don’t understand this.

  3. Paul Morton says:

    I’ve never used them, but I have seen them highly recommended by other visitors to Tenerife.

  4. Woah this blog is great I like studying your posts. For people looking to stay in Puerto could you recommend our hotel?

  5. Vanessa says:

    Wow!!! That’s quite a beautiful testimonial!!!

    Thank you!!!

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