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Why does this happen, not once, but time after time.  A business pays someone presumably lots of money to develop a website for them and once they have it that is their marketing done for the foreseeable future.  There is no need to keep it up to date with current information.

Sound familiar, well yes but it is particularly so here in Tenerife.  Someone recently asked on The Tenerife Forum of Fun  about companies that organise wine tours around the north of the island as they were having a few days in Puerto de la Cruz.  From the list of excursion companies provided by searching the internet, only two website specifically said they did various half or full day tours.

One website looked homemade and they offered everything for every island in the Canaries including taking in your washing and ironing but no mention of times or dates and didn´t show any prices at all.  The other while it looked professional quoted extremely cheap prices for what they were offering.  Since neither sites filled me with total confidence I sent emails to each asking the same question –

“Is your website up to date, do you still do organised wine tours and if so what is the current price”

These are the actual replies received

“Hello, yes, our website is up to date but could you tell me where did you see the wine routes? I thought that information was out of our web.
Thank you!”

Since 2011 **** Excursions no longer provide custom tours for individual clients.  We now specialise on two main areas cruise excursions and Teide by night.  As you can read on our website there are no standard excursions and no fixed days we just provide trips to clients requirements”

Doh! So when was the last time either of the above companies looked at their website to see what they were offering?  Moreover, if company two don’t provide custom tours what are they providing for their clients requirements?  The mind boggles.

Both of these companies are based in the north of the island, which would suggest the ideal location for providing tourists with an excursion following several wine routes.

As it happens, there is an excursion company Tenerife Sunshine that provides these tours. They are based in the south of the island and are recommended regularly on Tripadviser by both holidaymakers and locals and to top it all they have a nice looking website!

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