Beautiful Sunsets

When I was young growing up in the grimy streets of terraced houses in the north-east of England I never once dreamt that I would one day stand on my own patio and watch the sun dropping from the sky behind a small island in the middle of the Atlantic.  I never dreamt that truly memorable sunrises and sunsets would belong to me day after day.  Yet here I am for the umpteenth time watching vibrant rich colours fill the evening sky.  It makes you wonder why some parts of the world enjoy more beautiful sunsets than others.

…. Just lucky I guess!

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One of the slides, the beautiful red sunset taken from the Caribe Apartments 2010 is courtesy of Barry Strain

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3 Responses to Beautiful Sunsets

  1. Blyth Spirit says:

    Life can be hard !, lucky you.

  2. Chris Jopp says:

    Absolutely stunning! You are so lucky to see that every day. x

  3. Richard Ashby says:

    Hi, like you from my first visit to Tenerife with my parents many years ago I feel as though I belong. Each morning I can’t wait to look out of my balcony at Teide, as the sun drifts across lighting up the pine forests of the Orotava Valley. We are very lucky.

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