Feel Good, Save the Planet

As many people know, you can drink the water in Tenerife but like the majority of people, we have always used bottle water, even for our dogs.  Tap water doesn´t taste good so if I won´t drink it then why should they. I know I spoil them!  Anyone who knows me knows that I do.

For the past six or seven months we have been having water delivered to the house as it saves carrying those huge bottles from the supermarket.  The man who delivers also takes away the empty containers and he swears he recycles them, so that is one less thing to worry about.  Whether it is because I am a child of the protest age, I don’t know but I used to get concerned if the recycle bins were full and I had to leave my empties by the side of the bin just in case the normal basura man instead of the recycle man picked them up. I wondered where they would end up, how long they would take to ‘decompose’. Those that I have sent off into the great unknown will probably be hanging around the planet for a heck of a lot longer than me, or even longer than my grand children and possibly their children.

I went to visit a friend recently, she had often complained about how her skin felt dry and sometimes itchy when she got out of the shower.  I don´t feel like that but my hair, being bleached feels like straw.  Unless I want to risk it breaking and ending all over the shower tray, I have to use masses of hair conditioner.  She told me that they had had a water filter fitted to the whole house.  Not cheap but she was drooling over the benefits.  Now being a tight wotsit, my conscience wouldn´t let me pay out good money for flushing the toilet, but I don´t mind splashing out now and then on myself.

I bit the bullet and contacted Pure Water Canaries expecting to be told that I would need this, that and the other before I would see any benefits.  In fact, the person I spoke to, Paul, said for what I described I only really needed a shower filter and a water filter for my kitchen tap to use for drinking water and we could fit them ourselves. He was spot on; I could have fitted the shower filter.  I didn´t, of course, why have a husband if you are going to enter the realms of DIY but I could have if I had wanted to. It is very light and only took a couple of minutes to do.


Now me being me, I didn´t want any ‘bits on show’ even the iddy biddy box that is next to the taps, so we splashed out a few extra Euros and went for the under sink version of the filter for the kitchen.  This is hidden away and nobody would ever guess what is going on with our water.  I didn´t know that there were no regulations regarding bottled water – it is only required to be as good as tap water and not better.  Tasting what we now have I am convinced that I have been drinking bottled tap water for years … OK call me cynical, but this filtered stuff tastes really good.

It has only been a couple of weeks but already my skin feels softer, my eyes are no longer red when I get out of the shower and I am using less hair conditioner. This is the bestest buy I have made in ages and to top it all I feel good.  I am doing something to save the environment, only a little thing, but I believe we have the responsibility to care for our world. And it is easier than most people think.

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