Placeres (The Pleasure of Dining) – Los Abrigos

My friends from Scotland had arrived and I was given the challenge to find somewhere to eat.  I say “challenge” because this couple know the island almost as well as I do although they don´t yet live here (that will be rectified early next year).  It is difficult to find somewhere special as there are so many fine places and you also hope that a restaurant that used to be good hasn´t lost its chef since your last visit and gone downhill.

However, I am rambling, I went to Los Abrigos for the festival and spied a rather nice looking restaurant called Los Boludos it must be new because I haven´t been able to find any reviews, but talking to the Maitre this restaurant specialises in meat whilst their other restaurant La Tasquita del Puerto down the road specialises in fish.  Going by looks I think this place will be fine, but I didn´t want to take a chance on this occasion.

I finally decided on Placeres, roughly translated the name means The Pleasure of Dining.  This restaurant has commanded a good view of Los Abrigos harbour for almost three years and I have only heard positive reviews.

So what, until now, has kept me away? Probably the fact that it is always compared to Los Roques which has to be high on anyone’s list of greats and I really didn´t think that could be a fair comparison.  I’m doing what I hate in others – basing my view on perception rather than knowledge.

We arrived at Placeres around 8.00pm and as it was a chilly evening asked if we could sit inside.  There was a table free but we were lucky because all the others were full and the place had a nice buzz about it.  I was immediately impressed with the decor, modern, stylish and very welcoming, I also like the fact that you can see directly into the kitchen.  I guess you already know that if you have read any of my other restaurant blogs.  The other thing I have a hang up about is the toilets, if these aren’t nice and clean I will walk because the most basic hygiene, cleanliness should be a top priority.  The loos here are lovely – this place is climbing higher up my “I am impressed” list by the minute.


Anna the restaurant manager, (who doesn´t need a notepad to remember everyone’s order), gave us our drinks and handed us the menu, she was very friendly and we slowly at first exchanged banter, but as the evening progressed, we ended up having a great laugh.  The menu was relatively small, in my opinion this usually means that only the best quality seasonal food is purchased and time is taken to cook and present each dish rather than have a multitude of choices.  It was only the following day that I found their website and noted that the menu is changed monthly.

We didn´t have a starter although they all looked tempting, but on this occasion thought we would have dessert instead.  The bread mix that was brought to the table gave us an indication that what was about to follow would be served with flair and imagination.


Three of us opted for the fillet steaks, two had pepper sauce and I had the mustard sauce, Helen had hake fillet and julienne vegetables wrapped in filo pastry.  The presentation of each dish and attention to detail was superb but the taste was sublime.  I think to date this is the best fillet steak I have had on the island (and I have eaten many steaks).

Dessert consisted of two Tiramisu, I could smell the Baileys across the table, I chose the mixed ice cream and sorbets which were delicious and Mr Predictable had the apple tart with ice cream AND custard.


I sometimes feel as though I stand out a little as I always take photos of food before we start to eat but I wasn´t alone in Placeres the table next to us were also taking photos as the works of art slid onto the tables.  Even our barraquito at the end of our meal featured a tiny flower and leaf.


This is the sort of place that Charles and Valda who I have spoken of several times and who visit every November will love, unfortunately this year they are choosing their son’s wedding in Australia over two weeks in Tenerife!

The owner is very attentive to his clients’ need, how many hosts end up on their knees at your table discussing what you think of the food?   This wasn´t because we were the last to leave, he really cares what about his guests think of the restaurant.  In the case of our group, each of us had a lovely evening.  It certainly surpassed all expectations and we will without doubt be returning.  I would recommend anyone who loves not just good, but great food to try Placeres.  I think Pablo could charge far more for what is offered, wonderful food, attentive staff, and a great ambiance – but don´t tell him he just may do it!

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4 Responses to Placeres (The Pleasure of Dining) – Los Abrigos

  1. nelekemaene says:

    I’m getting hungry reading this……. funny, you do just the same as I do…..checking out the toilets ! I really hope to find some places to eat – please , don’t give me English,Dutch or Belgian food, I want the traditional thing !! We will have to find places to eat because we have just a place to sleep with a friend . We would really like to see – not the typical tourist things, but …I guess you know what I mean. We’re coming to El Medano dec24 till dec31….The market you suggested seems reaaly ou’re kind of thing ! The only problem is that I’m in a scootmobile ( electric wheel chair ) so I hope that will not be a problem. If you have tips for that period , places to eat typiical local dishes , etc…….. It would be very helpfull ! Now I’m following you’re blog with great pleasure !
    Greetings from cold, wet , dark Belgium !

  2. Peter says:

    Sounds like a classy place and the owner obviously pays attention to detail judging by the photos.
    No contest really considering the amount of dross in the south from “self styled” restaurant and bar owners. This is the sort of place that will move the island forward and gain widespread attention.
    Going to places like this makes you realize just how pathetic many of the restaurants in the south really are.
    Thoroughly enjoyed this review.

    • Thank you Peter, I thought it was lovely but there is also a place for those who can´t afford to eat in this sort of place. Just because it is cheap doesn´t mean it has to be poor quality, there are a couple of restaurants/cafes in the resorts that I wonder how they manage to serve such high quality food time after time and still charge so little.

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