High Tea in Golf del Sur

This week our “Ladies wot Lunch” led us to Golf del Sur.  I had read that the owner of Harriet’s Tearooms in Fañabe had moved to San Blas.  As this is quite close to where friend lives we decided we would go for afternoon tea rather than lunch.

The original ‘Harriet’ was sold as part of the goodwill so Harriet’s has been renamed Hattie’s the name of the owner’s grand-daughter. We found it opposite the Vincci Hotel so parking was easy. It is a nice looking, tastefully decorated tearoom that has been here since May 2012.

hatties tea room hatties tea room

We were given the menu which clearly stated that the establishment was non-smoking and that included the outdoor terrace as there were no ashtrays available. It also stated that tops must be worn whilst dining. Neither statement was a problem for us, however, I did think the following was a bit heavy handed. ‘We will endeavour to serve you as soon as we can. But please remember we do not serve fast food we serve quality food as fast as we can’. While I understand the sentiment, there are ways of passing on the management message and smacking you in the face before you even open the menu is not in my opinion great salesmanship. Perhaps a sign or notice on the wall would have had the required effect without being so obtrusive.

Anyway, we were already seated, and after a short while ordered our drinks. Linda had a Bacardi and coke €5.00. She asked for a larger glass so she could add more coke otherwise it would have been too strong and was given a sundae glass, as it had a straw, she was happy. I asked for the Heavenly Berry smoothie at €3.50. It was very tasty but as you can see full of seeds, it should have gone through a sieve. I never thought I would ever be wishing for a set of false teeth!

I opted for the brie and cranberry sandwich and as friend was on her own due to her OH being in the UK she chose the jacket potato which meant she wouldn’t have to cook when she got home. Like my sandwich her potato covered in cheese and bacon looked and tasted nice but she didn’t actually get a whole jacket potato she got half which was popped into a pretty little bowl.

hatties tea room hatties tea room

We had a look at the cake display and because this was high tea we indulged in carrot cake for me and cheesecake for friend. Mine was very good but hers looked like one of those you get from a packet. She said she thought it was home-made and the top was nice, but she didn’t like the base as she could taste margarine.

hatties tea room hatties tea room

Whilst ordering our cakes I had spied a large apple pie in the cabinet and my immediate thought was that I could win some brownie points because as everyone knows my Jim is a sucker for any pudding involving apples, particularly apple pie.

hatties tea room

I asked the owner if I could have a slice to take away. Shock horror he said “No! we don´t do that”, then a lady who obviously overheard his cry of distress, rushed out of the kitchen and in a loud voice said “Someone asked yesterday then others wanted to do the same”. She continued with “if everyone take cakes away we won´t be able to keep up with the baking”. I felt suitably chastised, it was only on reflection I thought how mad are they! It was almost 4.00pm in the afternoon, they had a cabinet full of cakes and they were turning away business. What difference did it make whether I had ordered the pie to eat there or take away, it was still a sale and a slice less. It also seemed they were missing an opportunity – if there is a market for takeaway cakes why were they not falling over themselves to fill it.

This was not one of our better days out, there was no atmosphere in the cafe. I have said before that friend and I are gigglers and we felt uncomfortable having a laugh. There were people who didn’t utter a word to each other the whole length of their stay, it felt a bit like a geriatrics hangout.

Best overheard comment of the day…….
Q. What tea do you use?
A. Typhoo
Sigh – Oh lovely, best I’ve had – just like being at home.
(well you are not at home you are on holiday and supposed to be experiencing new and exciting things!!)

Ordinarily I don´t think we are hard to please, my sandwich although nice was a little expensive at €3.90 Linda’s half a potato was a a rip off at €5.70. Our total bill which is the most we have ever paid for our girlie lunches was €25 and we just felt that the owner’s fastidious ways were very off putting. We were after all in Golf del Sur in a cafe serving Typhoo tea not The English Tea Room at Rocco Forte’s Brown’s Hotel although prices were heading in that direction.

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7 Responses to High Tea in Golf del Sur

  1. Joann Waudby says:

    We have been here on many occasions and the couple that run it are very friendly and can’t do enough for you. To the extent that we walked into the tearoom back in November at about 4pm on a sunday, sat down and ordered and it then occured to us to ask when they closed, it turned out to be 4pm but they didn’t say anything and we certainly weren’t rushed out of the door. Everything we have had in there has been fresh and obviously homemade. It strikes me that you have been going through your experience with a fine tooth comb so you had something to write about on here……..maybe a bit too much time on your hands???
    All I would say to anybody reading this is, don’t knock it, until you have tried yourself. Have the decency to give people a fighting chance before you shoot them down in flames………..tall glasses and pips?!?!?, typhoo tea????……..have you heard yourselves…..oh dear!!!!!

    • Thank you for your comments, your experience was obviously different to mine and while I could have binned it, I believe everyone is entitled to an opinion, whether we agree or not and can only be based on personal experience. I am pleased yours is different to mine and represents another side to this establishment. I am just surprised if you have been to the tearoom “on many occasions” that you did not know their opening hours.

      However, you seem without knowing me or my circumstances to be making assumptions about how and why I write. I could say “have you heard yourself”

    • kevin says:

      I have tried many places due to good and bad reviews from Red Queen and this will be one I shall try, but so far I have found every view to be accurate, and as an ex London Chef and Restaurant manager I think I am qualified to know.

  2. Bob says:

    Every restaurant in that unit has been short-lived – Lobster Pot, Ocean View.

    Sounds like this will be the same.

  3. tenerifenell says:

    There are some people who don’t deserve to run businesses and this sounds like one of them. Carry on the way they are going and they will soon be out of business but I’ve no doubt that when that happens it’ll be everybody’s fault but theirs. In any case if all their food is freshly prepared, they’ll have to throw out that apple pie at the end of the day anyway! As we Scots say “Aye right!”

  4. Sandra Wood says:

    You, dear Red Queen sound rather like myself in the fact that we look for positives where ever we go, sometimes though you just have to tell it like it is. To some a typical English tea-room in Tenerife seems rather quaint, to me it says “stay in England”. When we visit the island, usually 2/3 times per year, we never ever frequent such places. I would say to anyone go native, try new things, when in doubt ask questions. I agree with the last comment that Hatties does in deed sound very unfriendly, give it a miss and have some real adventures.

  5. bill barton says:

    By the sound of things this is not the freindliest placr to spend an afternoon , we will be in G.D.S. next month but doubt if we will waste any time in Hatties, it sounds as if they are running the place as a hobby and not a business, this is very common in holiday resorts there seems to be more than enough enthusiastic amateurs trying to run cafes,bars, restaurants etc, leave it to the pros and standards can only improve

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