Canarias Folk Fest – Los Cristianos

It was FRIDAY night and we were walking the dogs along the front in Los Cristianos when we came upon a barrier just before reaching the Plaza La Pescadora (by the sculpture of the fisher-woman). We hadn’t expected to see anything taking place because the Canarias Folk Fest is advertised everywhere as being on a THURSDAY in Los Cristianos and a Friday in Las Americas.  This is just so typical, flyers, town hall online diaries, facebook all say where and when to see this traditional display yet nobody had thought to update the information, so like us many people would have had an unexpected treat but conversely others who had been hanging around the previous evening would have been disappointed.

Fisher Woman, Los Cristianos

This is an old photo and we no longer have a KFC – so don´t waste your time looking !!

As well as relatively comfortable seats set out in rows along the edge of the beach several stalls were selling local produce. Some stalls had lace, some chocolate, some ceramics and some metalwork.  As it was after 8.00 pm and we hadn’t eaten we headed for the stalls offering free samples. We tried a little wine but not being drinkers didn’t buy any although many people were.  We had a dip in the mojo, which only made us hungrier.

Canarias Folk Fest 

We sampled the local honey delicious but Jim likes the solid stuff as it doesn’t run off his bread! And talking of bread, I tried various types including fig and walnut.  I eventually settled on the fruit loaf and the cheese bread.  Both delicious and providing I arrive on the correct night I will certainly be buying more!

Canarias Folk Fest Canarias Folk Fest

At this point the band arrived, made up of old guys with guitars slung over their shoulders, young boys imitating their heroes and a group of people in traditional dress who once everyone was settled danced for our pleasure.

Los Cristianos Folkfest (2) Los Cristianos Folkfest (4) Los Cristianos Folkfest (7) Los Cristianos Folkfest (8) Los Cristianos Folkfest (9) Los Cristianos Folkfest (10)

It was a nice addition to any evening stroll, even nicer as it was unexpected.  The demonstrations are scheduled until March but if last year is anything to go by, they will continue throughout the year.

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  1. Nele Gekiere says:

    OOO !!!!!!! This looks so nice…wished I was there !!! The bread, the honey….It makes me hungry !!! I would really like to taste all that – and if possible take some with us home I’m counting the days…. here it’s freezing , really very cold and dangenrous on the roads , the morning traffic was a disaster with hundreds of km of traffic jams…… tomorrow snow- and again a lot of traffic problems .

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