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My friend who lives in Palm Mar has been keeping a watchful eye as a new restaurant takes shape on the upper level of the CC Muelles de Genova in Palm Mar.   For what seems like weeks now, a major refurbishment has been taking place and this week we got to see this elegant and unusually bold makeover as we visited the Sea Lounge on its opening day.

We climbed the wooden staircase to be met by the most glamorous terrace bedecked with umbrellas to shelter from the sun and heaters should a chill wind come in from the sea. The colours were cool yet because of the inclusion of throws, cushions and wraps felt comfy and welcoming.

Although the restaurant had only been open a couple of hours, the menu quickly arrived with choice sufficient for all but the pickiest of diners.  The meals covered everything from tasty breakfasts, through light lunches and the most delicious sounding meat and fish dishes.  I will certainly be going back on an evening to try their Prawn Brochette flambé with Anis or their beef tartare, which look dangerously interesting.

This was however lunchtime so friend ordered a ham and cheese omelette with chips at €4 and I asked for a tuna sandwich €5.  The owners of the Sea Lounge are Belgian so service was of the charming English-as-a-second-language variety and any incomprehension about which wines came by the glass or bottle was immediately and efficiently overcome, although this only added to the genuine warm and accommodating atmosphere that runs through this venture.

While we enjoyed our drinks we were given some nibbles that succeeded in whetting our appetite for lunch.

Sea Lounge (14)

The food arrived just at the right moment. Unlike many of today’s  chichi restaurants, the emphasises was not on small tapas-style plates which can be a bit poncy, but huge servings that were enough to satisfy anyone, not just us local ladies-wot-lunch but those in search of something a little more substantial.

Sea Lounge (18) Sea Lounge (16)

It not only looked good, it tasted good and friends omelette had almost as much filling as egg.  I didn´t expect to get two huge sandwiches so one came home with me and was enjoyed with a few french fries by OH during the course of the evening.

This may look a very trendy restaurant but EVERYONE is welcome.  The Sea Lounge is pet friendly; your pooch will be pampered with his or her own titbits, drinks and even a comfy bed to settle in while you enjoy your meal.

I do wonder about the location of this stylish restaurant, I don´t think of the small village of Palm Mar attracting the ‘beautiful people’ but this is certainly the sort of place that they would flock to. To say it is rather swish is putting it mildly; this is the kind of white walled space that would look at home in downtown Manhattan.   When we left, it was happily doing business and hopefully it will long continue.

As a mid-priced restaurant, this is hard to beat!

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Hours  Mon: 18h – 23:00 Tue – Thu: 08:30 – 23:00 Fri: 08:30 – 01:00 Sat: 11:00 – 01:00

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8 Responses to Sea Lounge – Palm Mar

  1. Carol says:

    Really looking forward to trying this x

  2. nelekemaene says:

    Great review, beautiful pictures ! And we seem to have the same taste….. mmm……. Prawn Brochette flambé with Anis or their beef tartare….. That’s something I would choose too !!!

    • The owners are Belgian so you could visit and be able to chat to each other in Dutch, French, German, Walloon (is that still used?) Oh god you northern Europeans are so clever you could even do it in English.

      • nelekemaene says:

        🙂 Lol ! We’re not so cleaver, we just have to learn it at school 😉 We live in a country the size of… a stamp, but we have 3 national languages pfff… O no, I forgot Walloon and Flemish ( When we speak West-Flemish dialect people from the other Dutch-speaking provinces don’t understand a word we say , not to mention Dutch – they are always guessing if we are Swedish, Norwegian,….. ) And English is also language we have to learn at school , but that’s something most kids find very easy because they learn it by watching telly, songs ,….( The Dutch-speaking part of Belgium is together with the Netherlands the only country in Europe where English spoken movies, television programs have subtitels in stead of being dubbing them in the native language – so little kids learn it on a playful manner ) And I’m born and raised in Ostend , on the coast near the sea , and we have a lot of English words in ou’re dialect for example a bottle . Clever ?? Not at all … 😉 We are euh…..parrots !
        ps: Would you like to have a recipe for prawn flambé with Anis ? It was on the menu in my restaurant …..

      • Nele – send me the recipe by email and I will put it on my Guest Bloggers Page.

        Many years ago the first ‘foreign’ place I visited was Ostend!! It was also the first time I had been on a plane 🙂

      • nelekemaene says:

        🙂 That’s a coincidence ! We leave from Ostend airport to Tenerife Sud….
        I will mail you tonight , with the recipe !!( I guess it wil be a long one 🙂 )

  3. Lorna says:

    Great review ,look forward to trying it food looks delicious !

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