Rancho El Palmar

On the road between Palm Mar village and the Guaza roundabout is the Rancho Restaurant.  No matter when you pass, there are always cars outside.  From the road, it looks like someone’s house but once through the door although very dark and rustic, it is enormous. It is known for its large Canarian clientèle who travel miles to hold wedding receptions there.


I had been to the restaurant a few years ago and was not impressed. On that occasion, I had gristly meat with overcooked veg. all served cold.  I also thought the place looked dirty rather than rustic so swore I would never go again.  Despite that, friend convinced me that it must have changed, she had been several times and had always had good quality food – so like a lamb to the slaughter I agreed to give it another go.

When we arrived there was a party going on.  A stage had been erected and there was a lot of live music coming from one of the courtyards. For those who had tickets a barbecue was sizzling away in the corner and it smelt delicious, my mouth had already started to water in anticipation of what we would eat.  The signs so far were good.  As we didn’t have tickets and they had to be pre-purchased we sat in a covered area overlooking all of the action for our lunch.

Rancho Rancho

Our waiter was a bit cheesy calling each of us ‘darling’ after every sentence, but he was obliging enough when we ordered bread with three sauces and asked him to hold it until the main course came.


For me this was the highlight of the meal.  The bread although only slightly toasted was thick, hot and delicious.  It was an unbelievable €1 for two huge wedges and the accompaniments.


After my delicious mussels in Las Galletas, I opted for the mussels in tomato sauce, a house speciality.  Friend went with the pork chops and ‘vegetables’.  These turned out to be a roasted red pepper that looked lovely and an enormous amount of chips.  There were two chops so her dinner the following day was sorted courtesy of a doggy bag and the cost – less than €6.


My mussels on the other hand were swimming in what I can only describe as a tin of tomato soup.  In fact, that is being kind because a tin of soup especially if it is Heinz has much more flavour.  I was glad we had kept the bread back so at least I could eat that with the mussels.


Including drinks our bill was €22.  So what is my problem with this place?  Friends meal looked and smelt lovely, the food from the barbecue looked and smelt lovely so perhaps I am just unfortunate in what I choose to eat at this restaurant.  I am sure if everyone had the experience I have now had on two occasions it wouldn’t be popular so it must just be me. 

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  1. Bill barton says:

    A restaurant is only as good as the chef/cook and unfortunately good cooks are very rare , some cooks manage to master certain aspects of cookery but never seem to be able to master others, perhaps the cook does not like seafood for example unless they are dedicated to their art they are unlikely to taste food that is alien to them and therefore will never be a great success in that field , now throwing chunks of meat onto a grill, that as every man knows is kids play and Mercadona sells lovely ready made barbeque sauce to enhance the flavours, on a personal level I always judge a place on my first impression ,if it is bad I just go elsewhere

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