The good and the not so good – Palm Mar

Friend and I have been staying in Palm Mar for our lunches, as she was reluctant to drive because it is against the law to drive in flip-flops and she was awaiting the delivery from the UK of a pair of sandals with backs in them.  So for a few weeks I have been going to her rather than meet somewhere.

We ate at El Pescaito and Sea Lounge which were both excellent, we ate at El Rancho which I didn´t like but friend does so that is a bit of a mixed bag and we have now had two more meals in Palm Mar.

Mocan – Bar Restaurant

The first was the Mocan and although the inside was spotlessly clean, the toilets beautiful, the staff attentive and the menu reasonably priced, the food was not remarkable, at best you could say average.

We ordered burgers, one chicken, one beef and chips, which you order separately, and of course drinks.  It was impossible to tell the difference between the chicken and the beef, as they were both just processed slabs of ‘something’ in a bun. The cook here doesn’t try too hard it is just a case of heating up whatever is ordered from the freezer and placing it on a plate. I wouldn´t go again for lunch but if you just wanted a cup of coffee and a place to sit in the sun and read a newspaper you could do a lot worse.  The total price of our experience was the cheapest yet at just over €12 but obviously price isn´t everything.

Mocan, Palm Mar Mocan Palm Mar

Pearl’s Pantry

I always assume that eating place names roughly convey the general level of what they do, style and formality. The subject of today’s outing was Pearl’s Pantry. It sounds, at least to me, like a tea room and I would have expected to get a cuppa and a cake. Just shows how wrong assumptions can be. It is in fact what we old fogies call a ‘typical British restaurant’, informal, inexpensive, but undoubtedly a restaurant. With its bare tables, spotless interior and daily-changing blackboard menu our lunchtime visit was an instant hit.

There was an excellent choice from the daily offerings including meat pies, fish dishes and vegetarian options. I went for the macaroni cheese, something I don’t have very often, as OH is not overly keen.  When it arrived it was steaming hot, very saucy and I couldn´t wait to dive in.  Friend went for a simple bacon and cheese toasty at under €3 and added a bowl of chips, loads of them and they smelt delicious.

Pearls Pantry Palm Mar Pearls Pantry, Palm Mar Pearls Pantry, Palm Mar Pearls Pantry, Palm Mar

The chef here clearly knows how to cook; the style is very much in the no-nonsense tradition. The food is workmanlike portions and all reasonably priced. Service is informal but efficient, which is also the case in ‘restaurants’ as opposed to pantries.  If there is a weakness, it is on the atmosphere front.  Not the best location, as you are overlooking a small car-park which is in the process of being constructed but the friendliness of the staff, the freshness of the food and all for €17 including a couple of glasses of wine and soft drinks cannot be overlooked.  This is a “definite will go back” sort of place, probably for one of their themed evening sessions where you can get fish and chips one night, steak another and so on.

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3 Responses to The good and the not so good – Palm Mar

  1. BillBarton says:

    Passed the road junction to Palm Mar yesterday but so far have not seen anything that would make the hike in worth while , so keep the reviews coming , there must be something to tempt us

  2. nelekemaene says:

    Looks a lot nicer than the temparature here…… – 15°…. lol ; there’s one thing K can’t eat, he hates it….macaroni cheese ! 🙂

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