Lunch with Linda

This is my friend Linda who I go to lunch with most weeks, we enjoy sitting in the sun, putting the world to rights and while neither of us are over critical of the places we go we do know what we like and how we like it.  Food should be good and service should match.


After having burgers on several occasions, some I thought were delicious, Linda said she would make me a real burger the way she used to make them when she lived in Zimbabwe.  Having been brought up there if this sort of food was wanted it had to be made from scratch – there was no nipping down the supermarket and nosing in the freezer.  Fortunately, Linda is an excellent cook but goodness knows how those poor Zimbabweans survive if the people in charge of making meals can´t cook.

The result was a very different ladies wot lunch date, we sat on her terrace and chatted about a couple of new ventures we were considering, we sipped a few glasses of rose then she prepared our lunch.

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Linda is very much a cook after my own heart, she rarely follows a recipe, can´t be bothered with measuring, judges everything by eye and just has a feel for when the flavour will be exactly right. This is her recipe – a bit like one I would give to people, some may find it vague but that is the way we do things.

Enough mince for however many burgers you want
One egg
Salt and pepper to taste (perhaps a little cayenne)
Little olive oil so they are not dry
Chopped onions and garlic to your liking
Breadcrumbs to give them a good consistency so they don’t break up and anything else you fancy in the way of herbs

Pat your mixture and mould it into a burger type of shape
Lightly fry in olive oil

The results as you can see are the most delicious burgers I have ever tasted. Thank you hun! From now on we can’t ever have burgers again when we go out, as they will always be a disappointment.

5-013 6-014

Only one criticism, the service was RUBBISH, I had to carry my own meal to the table fortunately I didn´t have to do any washing up.  

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One Response to Lunch with Linda

  1. nelekemaene says:

    ooooo !! you’re making me so hungry !!!! But, you’re both my kind of cook 🙂 I love cookbooks and have a lot of them, but…. I never use them when I’m cooking ! (or used to do when I still could do that) I throw things together without measuring, just on “feeling”. The only thing I did have to measure was for some baking recipes (otherwise you can get strange things coming out of the oven :-p )

    And when people ask me the recipe of something…. that’s a difficult one because they want a detailed one like in a book, but my recipes are : that those ingredients, do that and that and that with them and that’s it….. So you see: you’re my kind of cooks too !!

    ps: I hope you didn’t give a tip for the service 😉 😀 ???

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