Kindred Spirits

Isn’t it wonderful when you meet someone and during the first few moments, you feel like you’ve known each other for years?  I’m not referring to any sort of spiritual connection – I haven´t suddenly turned religious or nutty (well no nuttier than normal) but I was recently reminded of my kindred spirits after a meeting with someone when we ‘just clicked’.

My ‘special friends’ are scattered around the four corners of the earth, yet our friendships remain. We fit together like gears, we groove, we jive, we share the same interests, beliefs, and values. In each case, we became instant friends and almost immediately had a deep connection that cannot be explained.

It makes no difference whether the relationship is between male and female, different age groups or races. We are just people who can talk about anything and everything and sometimes have a rant.  Each can open up fully and just be themselves around each other.

Below are photos from Nele my Belgian friend. We look at things the same:  We like old buildings, interesting faces, the sun setting over the sea and while we are nothing alike, looks and age-wise we just understand each other, we are kindred spirits and a kindred spirit makes life worth living.

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  1. nelekemaene says:

    🙂 Love you hun !!! xxx

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