Restaurante Creperia Crestella – Los Cristianos

This week our ‘Ladies wot Lunch’ numbered three.  Our jet-setter friend Carol had arrived from the UK, or perhaps it was straight from one of her many holidays, I can´t remember as it is hard to keep tabs on her as she flies, cruises or is chauffeured  from one destination to another.  The men went to play pool in Legends and we went for lunch in a new restaurant in the strip of bars and cafes directly opposite Iceland and the Arona Gran Hotel.

The one we chose has only been open a short while and is called ‘Crestella’ and while I don’t know the meaning of it’s name it sounds, at least to me, very Italian. It was therefore slightly surprising that despite all of the Italian goodies on the menu and some delicious looking crepes it had a strong bent towards China.  The chef was Chinese; one of the waitresses was Chinese and as they provide a Chinese take-away menu… are you getting the idea  – maybe the owner has a hankering to be Tenerife’s answer to Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan!

The newcomer’s atmosphere is similar to others on this strip. Everything was spotlessly clean and newly decorated in shades of beige, which looked attractive even if it lacked a little inspiration.


Carol had a glass of house white, which was good, Linda had water and I had my usual soft drink while we considered the menu.

At first, it looked rather expensive for lunch with average dishes ranging from €12-18.  We asked the waiter if they had a daily special or menu del dia and he said we could choose three items for €9.99, or a starter and steak for €8.99. There is nothing more indecisive than when a group of women get together so as you can imagine we couldn’t make our minds up … did we really need 3 courses at lunchtime.  No!  Did any of us want steak…? Not really!  In the end, we decided that we would just go for a single course, although Linda was tempted by the garlic bread.


She followed this with pork Diane once she learnt they didn’t use meat on the bone.  I opted for the chicken version and Carol once we had discovered exactly what sweet and not sweet sauce was settled on Sweet and Sour Chicken.  It was all very attractively presented even if the plates arrived with the chips already on board in school-dinners style but everything was very good.



The sauces were delicious – the sauce Diane had just the right blend of mustard, brandy and cream.  The sweet and sour had huge chunks of fruit and was not overly ‘orange’.  The meat was tender and good quality and we were all impressed by the fresh vegetables, which included carrot, squash and bok choi.   Our only criticism was the size of the vegetable and chip portion, which was fine for lunchtime but hopefully would be more sizeable on an evening.

After lunch we were joined by the men for a drink.  For five of us the bill was a reasonable €37 although if we hadn´t asked numerous questions before we ordered it could have been a lot more.

In short, this is one of those places that may not hit you ‘must try’ list but well worth knowing if you’re in the vicinity.

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3 Responses to Restaurante Creperia Crestella – Los Cristianos

  1. nelekemaene says:

    Once again…. you made me hungry ! 😉
    And dreaming ( unther 3 duvets , with a lot of layers clothes and the heat on max ) of Tenerife ….
    Cariño cariñoso abrazo!

    • Then you had better not go and look at the new blog I started this morning before going out its purpose is to give daily weather updates. I will be free after Sunday so we will get back to our normal chats
      Love xxx

      • nelekemaene says:

        I already did ! But I wish you every day that blissful sunshine to
           from the bottom of my heart… and I’m convinced there will come a day we will enjoy that to ! I’m looking forward to our chats, by then my laptop probs. should be history !
        Lots of hugs,
        Nele xxx

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