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Picking a good restaurant isn’t just a matter of personal taste I have found that most people agree about most restaurants most of the time.  The Olive Garden in Los Cristianos is just such a place.  It always receives fantastic reviews and recommendations on holiday information website.

As Los Cristianos is my local town and I was meeting friends who were holidaying close by I thought that The Olive Garden was a good safe bet. The great thing about it is that you know precisely what you’re likely to get not only food wise but also what sort of service you’re likely to get: efficient but not intrusive, friendly but not matey.

I met Kev and we had a couple of soft drinks while waiting for Linda to turn up.  We all know each other despite the fact that Kev lives in the UK and Linda and I are here on Tenerife, so the conversation flowed easily and the drinks slipped down nicely during our sunny lunchtime visit.

We ordered a steak sandwich, a roast beef sandwich and a spicy doner sausage roll.  All the meals we selected came with chips and salad. The portions are huge and the owner happily told us that it was fine to either order one portion and share or take what we were unable to eat home.

Olive Garden  Los Cristianos Olive Garden  Los Cristianos Olive Garden  Los Cristianos

Objectively speaking, I personally could have done with my beef being rare. What I took home soon dried out but my dogs’ didn´t mind!  The bread again in my opinion could have been sliced more thinly and a bit more filling rather than loads of chips and salad would have been acceptable.  However, our meal may have been simple but it was rather good.

If there is a reservation about this place and sadly, there is – it is about the food. It is plain and enjoyable but it sometimes lives down, rather than up to the simplicity of its menu descriptions.  You won´t find anything unusual or out of the ordinary, it is British grub that is served at prices that won’t break the bank.

Taking advantage that the traditional curry house is now the UK’s favourite restaurant format and the majority of clients at the Olive Garden are Brits, the owners have adopted curry as a theme several nights a week. I have not tried it but heard these evenings are consistently good with all the courses including the naan bread being homemade.

I think overall, the Olive Garden deserves its reputation.  It is ideal for a light lunch and would also make an OK dinner destination for those on a tight budget.

The important bits : Cost and Location

Our meals including 6 soft drinks, 2 coffees and an Irish Coffee came to €34 not including tip.
Address Paseo Maritimo, Edificio el Carmen, Locale 5, Los Cristianos (close to Los Cristianos Crazy Golf on the seafront), Tel: 922791115 (recommended for evening meals as it is very popular)

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3 Responses to The Olive Garden – Los Cristianos

  1. Catherine says:

    As a regular visitor to Los Cristianos, I always enjoy your restaurant reviews. I find them interesting and informative. I was wondering if you have ever reviewed Bar El Cine and if not would you consider doing so? I am interested to know if in your opinion it lives up to its excellent reviews

    Regards Catherine

    • Thank you for your comments Catherine. I haven´t eaten at El Cine because I am not a great lover of fish as you will see if you get around to reading my Casa Tres review which is due to be published on 14th inst. For fish lovers I believe it is simple and good value but the last thing I want to see on my plate is an octopus looking back at me. 😦

  2. nelekemaene says:

    I was wondering with you’re pictures….. is that roast beef ??? It looks euh…… like a shoe some to me :-p …But he, the girls where happy ! 🙂 Those portions are huge for me ( but I have always my “dirt container ” aka Karel with me ! :-p It looks like the weather was fine after al ! Hope you enjoyed you’re day !! xxx

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