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Consistent acclaim elsewhere inspired us to try the Casa Tres restaurant in deepest Torviscas. Therefore, when friends arrived from Scotland it seemed the ideal opportunity to see if everything we had read was true.

Although I knew it was behind the Luabay Costa Adeje, I had only been along the ‘dead-end’ side road once before to check for parking so didn’t know there is a huge time-share complex behind the hotel.  We were fortunate that someone was leaving otherwise finding a parking slot would have been impossible, which makes you wonder how is anywhere good enough to survive in this rather hidden-away location. Once inside, we realized that isolation is less of a problem. A ready-made, captive audience has use of several restaurants, bars, supermarket and small shops all in close proximity to a small plaza within the Sunset Bay complex.

Initial impressions were favourable; a friendly Scottish man met us at the outside terrace and showed us to our seats in what appeared to be a conservatory extension.  (We later learnt this was the restaurant and the toilets were ‘at the back of the restaurant’!)

The tables although they had no tablecloths did have fresh flowers and were nicely set and the seats were comfortable. However, when it came to ordering our meal, things started to go a bit awry.  The length of the menu may inspire confidence to some but there are so many choices that I found it a bit overwhelming.

Despite that, I thought I might choose the pan-fried Salmon “Boyne Valley” with Hazelnuts, Honey and Whiskey Butter.  Now I am a bit fussy about fish I hate what most people love, the thick chunky flakes much preferring the finer tail end.  I asked the waitress, who I think may also have been the Irish owner, only to be told you got what was served but the size would always be the same.  Not really what I wanted to hear, so I asked about the “Cafe de Paris” butter that came with the steak.  “It’s a bit of all sorts including curry and tomato,” she said.  Now this is a restaurant whose website claims it aims to offer a ‘fine dining’ experience. I wasn’t expecting foie gras and caviar but I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable. When our friend asked do the meals come with chips, he was told you have to order those separately the same as salad otherwise you get mash and vegetables, it says so on the menu. Oh dear, perhaps it did say on the menu but there were so many pages that we all missed it!  This was not looking great and the final straw came when we ordered the steak only to be asked do you want fillet or medallions?  I really can´t believe we were being that stupid so having checked the on-line menu it definitely says ‘Medallions of Fillet Beef’.   I really don’t know what any of us had done that upset this lady but we had a totally different reception to the group of Irish people on the next table and I wanted to walk out.

As we were settled, we decided to sit it out and see what the food was like, hopefully better than the service.  This server obviously hadn’t heard the phrase you get what you want by giving people what they want. In fairness, the young man and the Scottish man who were also serving did a first class job.

So to the food, our starters consisted of home-made pate and toast which was certainly home-made and very good.  OH pinched a piece of the toast to mop up the roast garlic butter from his excellent Butterfly Tiger Prawns.  Helen and I shared the deep fried Brie with red onion marmalade – good and the Morcilla Dulce Canaria with whole grain mustard cream – pleasant enough, but no more.

Casa Tres, Torviscas Casa Tres, Torviscas Casa Tres, Torviscas  Casa Tres, Torviscas

When our main courses arrived, they looked delicious and they were, the Chicken Kiev came in pastry rather than crumb, the salmon looked gorgeous (wish I had gone for it) and the steaks could not be faulted. There was a good selection of fresh vegetables and plenty of chips.  The food certainly nods in all the right directions but doesn’t offer anything very radical.

Casa Tres, Torviscas Casa Tres, Torviscas Casa Tres, Torviscas Casa Tres, Torviscas

There was a good choice of desserts but because the portions were so generous, only OH was tempted with the sticky toffee pudding.  When we asked for the bill, we were given tiny tankards filled with Ron Miel and topped with Baileys very morish.

Casa Tres, Torviscas Casa Tres, Torviscas

It turns out that the restaurant offers bang for your buck deals on meal selections covering 3, 5 or 7 days that can be a mix of  breakfast and dinner combinations.  If the food is as good as when we visited these will be excellent value.

Overall, the restaurant offered simple things done well which is a hallmark of the best cooking and it appeared to be a maxim that the chef seem to have taken to heart. Just a shame that one member of staff spoilt what was a lovely evening.   Total bill (less tip) for four people €116.

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3 Responses to Casa Tres Restaurant – Torviscas

  1. colin bev says:

    I would not consider using this place – there is no excuse for this sort of “service”. Well done for giving a fairly positive review despite your treatment.

  2. BILL BARTON says:

    The confusion with the fillet is very common , a good chef will normally brief the waiting staff before service and tell them that if someone asks for rare medallions ,they should offer a full sized fillet instead as it is quite difficult to do thinly cut steak “RARE” glad you enjoyed your meal just the same

  3. nelekemaene says:

    OMG !!! Why do I always read this when I’m hungry ???? 😉 xxx

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