Sand Sculptures – Los Cristianos

Last year, I posted a piece that included a picture of a sand sculpture on Los Cristianos beach. There is something mesmerizing about a well-crafted sand sculpture. I’m not talking about the first time you flipped a plastic bucket over at the beach and dug a moat around it like a dog burying a bone. I’m talking about how some amazing people can take some sand, water, and imagination and build works of art and you wonder how the heck did they do that?  Yet the clever creators of these impressive sand sculptures need no more than a bucket and spade to build them.

sand-sculptures-los-cristianos (1)

sand-sculptures-los-cristianos (13)

I’ve always found this type of art, along with graffiti fascinating but because it is constantly changing, it is hard to keep pace with these works of art.  I am therefore including some images taken by my friends Nele and Karel when they were in Los Cristianos during the Christmas/New Year break.

The saddest part of sand sculptures is the sand. It has the unique quality of looking like granite yet they are only as permanent as the next wave. If only there was some way to preserve these wonders, it seems a sin to waste such talent.

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5 Responses to Sand Sculptures – Los Cristianos

  1. Blyth Spirit says:

    We’ve always loved them, the massive native one in December 2010 was staggering.

  2. nelekemaene says:

    The people who make them are real artist…. I just love to see the sandsculptures , and yes it’s kind of sad …al the work , so beautiful -but it doesn’t last ………..

  3. Chris Jopp says:

    I loved the sculptures when I was there last June. Have got photos of several of them too, its amazing how much work they put in on building them only for the sea to take them away. The artists seem to be adding to their work. Its stunning artwork and is such a pity that they can’t be kept.

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