Placeres – Los Abrigos

In the holiday resorts of Tenerife, you can eat reasonably well, but you generally need to look beyond the tourist traps if you want to eat half-decently.  We had friends staying and they wanted to thank us by buying a meal on their last night.

03-Placeres (4)

I have been to Placeres several times (which is something I don´t usually do as I like to try new restaurants) but I knew that this is a fine restaurant and they would have a meal to remember on their last night on the island.

First impressions are important and they were certainly impressed.  Placeres is a friendly and stylish spot that is always buzzy, not attracting a particularly ‘beautiful’ crowd it would have to be said, just those from ALL nationalities that appreciate good food.

Pablo Patron is one of the most successful restaurateurs in the south of Tenerife; he is no slouch either when it comes to wielding pots and pans. Christian the resident chef takes some beating but on Friday last he was on holiday and Pablo was cooking.  To say the food was delicious is an understatement. In a three-course meal, nothing is humdrum. Everything be it fish, meat, pate or pudding is attractively presented to a very high standard.

I had the home-made pate for starters, (didn´t have the camera setting correct so the first image is a bit blue due to the lighting) the second image of my starter is better but I had already started to eat!!

Placeres Placeres

OH had the prawns and while our friends thought they would forego starters and concentrate on pudding they couldn´t resist the tapas, which they shared. (another one of those dodgy photos until I set the camera).

Placeres Placeres

For mains, we had the Fillet Steak, the Entrecôte, Iberian Pork and Bream with prawns everything mouth-wateringly delicious.

Placeres Placeres Placeres Placeres

So much so that those of us who were going to forego pudding fell off the wagon and dived in.  Fortunately, these are light so we had half a taster menu, a mix of ice cream and sorbet and the Tiramisú made with local honey. OH opted for the apple tart and custard which he always has!

Placeres Placeres

Throughout our meal, we kept topped up with beers, spirits, soft drinks, waters and rounded off with coffees which are also good. So friend who was picking up the bill (sorry don’t know how much it was) adopted the brace position for its arrival but was pleasantly surprised having expected it to be at least double.

It has become fashionable in some circles to snipe at quality food, by those who prefer it cheap and piled high.  However while that is fine on occasions, I much prefer quality over the quantity and good cooking at these sort of prices is exceptional I’m also prepared to overlook my rule of not returning to a restaurant but Placeres is the exception to that rule.

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3 Responses to Placeres – Los Abrigos

  1. nelekemaene says:

    You did it again hun ! 😉 ….. it looks al so yummie!! And in a way, when I see this I mis my work ( I was a chef – strange career change… from a nurse to a chef 😉 ) and I just love cooking, that’s one of the things I regret the most being not able to do anymore . But I’m totaly agree I also much prefer quality over the quantity ( because I can’t eat much – good thing Karel can so we switch plates when nobody’s watching 😉 )
    I hope you will find ( I wouldn’t doubt it for a sec; ! ) a very nice place for the four of us to have a very nice, dinner on ou’re last evening ( no protest !! And I’m sure that will be not at al enough for us to chat – so hopefully we meet more than once !! xxx ps I’m going to write you this week …

    • I think we will be going to quite a lot of places you have to learn what our little island has to offer if you are eventually going to make it your home. xx

      • nelekemaene says:

        Consiser that as a deal, we would be very happy to do this with you !! ( Karel is so happy to discover places we would never find by ourselves – me to of course) and…. I’m pretty sure that we will have something to chatter about the whole time ( 😉 ) And making you’re island to our home, that’s something we going to make true – if there is one thing that we’re determined of that’s it !!! xxxx

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