Guarjara Creperia – El Medano

I was surprised when Linda and I spoke of having lunch in El Medano this week that Carol had never been before.  As many know, it is one of my favourite towns on the island.  Often described as “bohemian” and the windsurf capital of Tenerife. It is probably because of all the surfer dudes wandering around that it feels kinda “hippie” in the nicest most laid-back and peaceful way, which I think, sets it apart from other resorts.

We arrived early afternoon and as expected had to do a shimmy through the narrow side streets to find a parking space reasonably close to the seafront.  Luck was with us and we squeezed in just as someone was leaving on the far side of Plaza Roja.  This gave us a chance to wander along the front towards the restaurant.  I thought we were going to La Bohême but Linda had been several times to the Guarjara Creperia, which is on the corner of the town square next to the Hotel El Médano and overlooking the beach, it turned out to be one of the best people-watching spot around.

We ordered drinks and realised the waitress didn’t have a single word of English, OMG  it was down to me in my best Spanglish to do the ordering!  This wasn’t as hard as I thought because everything on the menu is numbered and my grasp of numbers isn’t too bad. 

We started with the list of savoury crepes it took us a while because there were pancakes galore – the choice was huge.  Finally, Carol settled on the chilli con carne, potatoes, peppers, sweet corn and cheese. Linda had the boiled egg, red pepper, avocado, mushrooms, cheese and béchamel sauce and I couldn’t resist the Leek, Parmesan and cream cheese, with fresh cream and walnuts.  We all devoured the surprisingly light yet filling crepes and felt suitably ‘stuffed’ but after another look at the menu, we also craved a sweet.  Okay craved might not be the right word, we were just plain greedy as they looked delicious.

Our waitress was delightful even when we were hemming and hawing she just said “tranquilo” and we went back to the incredibly enjoyable task of trying to decide how to spoil ourselves. In the end, Carol was good but Linda and I had the condensed milk with caramel topping and hazelnuts and the chocolate and Cointreau sauce topped with ice cream, it melted in the mouth.  This cafe could never be described as fine dining however; the whole experience was one of pure indulgence.

As a jaded local, it is easy to forget how good these small local cafes can be and if we have visitors usually take them to ‘true restaurants’.  Yet here in this laid-back town experiencing quality food in these places is as common as the kites that fly over El Médano beach. There is so much choice and all easy on the pocket.

As we wandered back to the car, nosing around the clothes and hand-made jewellery shops we decided purely in the name of research, that we would have to revisiting Guarjara Creperia – just to make sure standards don’t slip !!

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3 Responses to Guarjara Creperia – El Medano

  1. nelekemaene says:

    We had the same problem there…. making a choice !!!! OO…… I want one right now….. 😉 xxx

  2. kevin tanner says:

    We love this town too and we have a little cafe we use overlooking the beach to the west. As lovers of crepes this will go on my list. I actually could live in this lovely cove

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