On a clear day

I don’t know what has happened to my head of late,  I seem to be in a bit of a time warp.  For some reason I was thinking that in the UK the leaves are turning yellow in the autumnal sunshine.   It is only when I started packing for a short break that it suddenly dawned I needed more than just the jumper and boots I had bought in the sales but a whole winter wardrobe as there are still at this time of year people who are spending their days huddled indoors hiding from the wind, rain and cold.  Last year in the UK was particularly bad and even during their summer it was so miserable that if they blinked, they missed it! Despite the fact that if there is more than 2 days good weather the common comment is “It’s hotter here than Tenerife”  Well that may be so, but at least in Tenerife the weather is consistent – OK it is consistent in the UK too but for the wrong reasons!

I have said many times in the past but I do think we are lucky living in such a lovely place.  Without moving from my house on a crystal clear day which the majority of them are, I can see for miles: I can see the sun shining on the Island of La Gomera in one direction, straight in front are the resorts of Las Americas and Los Cristianos and to the east the banana plantations of Guaza that push close to the airport.

Tenerife - view La Gomera Tenerife - view Los Cristianos

Tenerife - view Las Americas Tenerife - view Guaza

On an evening I can watch the most magnificent sunsets from my patio or walk the dogs in Los Cristianos  and if I am feeling energetic El Duque – hundreds of vantage points to catch the sun as it dips down over horizon.

red queen musings

Los Cristianosred queen musings   red queen musings

red queen musings

red queen musings red queen musings

Or up here again, the sun setting, thoughts flying… and a peaceful Las Americas in the distance.

red queen musings

Just like the song – On a Clear Day You Can See Forever

For daily weather updates in South Tenerife check out Queenie’s blog

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8 Responses to On a clear day

  1. dawn says:

    just like to say what a lovely site you have here, im sure you have been told that i have been banned from ta. didnt want to leave without thanking you for everything………….. sorry for intruding on your forum, but i just had to say thank you.
    hope you are having a brill holiday.
    thank you
    dawnandrob. xx

    • Dawn, Just got home and picked up your message. You will probably now be on holiday now so I have picked up your email addy from your comment and will drop you a line. Hope you also have a great time. xx

  2. Tonedeaf says:

    Really love your blog. I’m on the countdown for the 1st April. The photos above are great. Just a shame that looking at webcams today, it didn’t look anything like above. Hope the weather settles again soon. I still know where I’d rather be, and it aint the UK…….

  3. nelekemaene says:

    We have already lost our hearts ( to each other and ) in Tenerife ….Both incurable….
    I hope you have a whole winter wardrobe with you , otherwise you both will shivering and crawl close to the heating !
    But the places you go and the people you meet will warm your heart .
    And when you come back and you well even love the lovely place on earth where you live more !
    Enjoy your trip and come back safely !! xxxx

  4. Blyth Spirit says:

    Great photos, you’ll never tire of views like that priceless.

  5. Anne says:

    Love the pictures – it’s so grey here in England at the moment. Only the barest hint of Spring being on it’s way as you just catch a glimpse of sunshine for about an hour.

  6. tenerifenell says:

    And that is exactly why we are coming to join you permanently in Tenerife very soon – can’t wait. Although, this weekend in the North East of Scotland it’s not been too bad. I haven’t even got the heating on.

  7. Chris Jopp says:

    You really know how to make someone feel jealous LOL! Great blog. Today it has been sunny and cold, then overcast and cold and heaven only knows what’s next! We were going to go out and try John’s new Digital SLR camera but when the sun went in we looked at each other and thought “Nah!” stay in the warm. So looking forward to the spring 😉

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