Taylors Lounge – Los Cristianos

This week the ladies wot lunch were joined by the lovely Ben which was fortunate because although Linda had contacted me to reschedule by an hour, Carol hadn´t picked up the message so it would have meant her sitting on her own feeling like the proverbial ‘lemon’ if Ben hadn´t been around.  For his gallantry, he was rewarded with the pleasure of our company over lunch (or maybe it would have been more of a reward if we had let him wend his merry way leaving us to our girlie gossip).

We chose Taylors Lounge in Los Cristianos close to the Mirador strip.  Having heard good reports we assumed these were correct when we saw almost every table on the two outside terraces had been taken.

food 002

A pleasant waiter took our orders, there was some nice banter about whether the chips were fresh or frozen (they only do ‘proper chips’ the day they do fish and chips) but he assured us the sauté potatoes were real and not from a packet.

We ordered two scampi with the sauté potatoes and peas, these were very nice but you can’t go far wrong with dropping a few scampi into a deep fat fryer, Ben went for the manly home-made meat pie, peas and mash which was actually home-made and looked and smelt delicious, and Linda opted for the Cajan Chicken which she mostly left.

food 004 food 005 food 006

When a very loud waitress came to collect our plates she asked about the chicken and was told it was very salty.  “Yes we know she said, lots of people have said that – it is a new coating the chef is using“.  Now call me old fashioned but if you know something is slightly different from the norm surly it makes sense to tell people so they can change their order if they wish.  Of course we ladies were all of similar view but men being men or perhaps Ben is just the perfect gentleman when we all refused pudding he said he would give the banoffee pie a whirl.  I didn’t try it but he said it was okay, well quite nice but nothing special.

food 008

Whether she thought she was being helpful or just plain didn´t get it this waitress proceeded to plonk her bum on the next table and continued to tell us and anyone else within a 20 feet radius about her life on the island despite us trying to continue our own conversation.  We nodded, looked away, continued with what we were saying until it came to a point that it was easier to leave than be constantly interrupted.  I think ordinarily we would have been happy to chat but it was so blatantly obvious that as customers we didn´t really matter at all, we were ‘just tourists’ we wouldn’t be around long and the next lot would soon be arriving to take our place.

Our bill came to €12.50 each which with drinks is what we expected.  The bar/cafe looks nice, the food was mostly average, not very exciting. Would I recommend, well apart from  the afternoon being spoilt by a member of staff who despite being pointedly ignored seemed unable to take the hint and sod off, I don´t think I will hurry back but if I was in the area and fancied a snack or a drink I just may call in.

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  1. bill barton says:

    If I was in the area I would give most places on the Mirador strip a miss and try Locando which WAS a while back a very good place to eat, and just for a coffee and cake L-OPERA is quite nice too

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