Island plants

It has taken a good 12 months to take pictures of these, probably longer when I think of the number of times I said  ‘Damn forgot the camera’.

There are some real beauties amongst these even if I don´t know what all of them are called.  Seeing these mostly taken in the south of the island makes me wonder why people say the south is hot, dry, desert-like and barren.  Imagine what it would be like if we were like the north, green, humid and fertile!!

The images above that bear my name belong to me however some of the above have come from the internet and some from Roselinde and her blog Tenerife Parque Nacional de Teide and Teide Parque Nacional de Teide Part 2

For daily weather updates in South Tenerife check out Queenie’s blog

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3 Responses to Island plants

  1. Beautiful – I can’t wait to come back xxx

  2. nelekemaene says:


  3. ceejayblue says:

    Beautiful pictures, brings back some lovely memories of my trip last year.

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