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Following our lunch at Taylor’s Lounge earlier in the week, I received a call from Linda saying she was making an unscheduled visit back to the UK to look after a relative who wasn’t well so should we meet for a Sunday Roast as it would probably be our last get-together for a little while.

We arranged to meet at the Apolo Centre, Los Cristianos, by Zizzi’s which was heaving, so wandered through the archway to give Porkies a try as we had eaten there before and while it was basic British food it was quality at a reasonable price.  When we arrived the awnings were out, the furniture looked new and the place had a new name.  It was now called Windsor’s and had been since 1st January 2013.

food 012

They still offered the traditional fayre of pies, puddings and cakes along with the typical Sunday Roast of meat and several veg.  We told Jackie the waitress what we would like and she apologised and said we were 20 minutes early as the Sunday Roast isn´t served until 1.00pm.  That wasn´t a problem for us although we were getting hungry just smelling the aromas coming from the kitchen.  We asked for our drinks and continued to chat enjoying the sun on a pleasant afternoon.

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When our meal arrived it was very good, the vegetables were cooked to perfection, the lamb was tender and tasty and while I prefer mint jelly to mint sauce (fussy I know) there was lashings of this along with tasty gravy and a treat of a home-made Yorkshire Pudding (unlike me who mostly uses Aunt Bessie’s).  We pushed the boat out and had a pudding each I opted for the Tiramisu while Linda went for the Black Forest Gateaux.  Both were served with cream, it was a bit thin, but it was fresh and much nicer than that squirty foam stuff from a tin.

food 016 food 017

We had 3 soft drinks and a glass of wine and the total bill was €15 each.  As with the UK lamb is extremely expensive on the island so we thought it good value and almost cheaper than having a similar meal at home – plus the bonus of course of no washing up!!

The afternoon was rounded off with excellent entertainment from a guy and a guitar, I don’t know who he is and when I asked was only told a friend who was helping out, but he was a top-notch musician, he played many of the standards with a jazzy twist, reminiscent of Barney Kessel, and for any youngsters reading who are saying WHO THE HECK! Barney along with Shelly Manne are my old time favourites.

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3 Responses to Windsors – Los Cristianos

  1. Cbevan says:

    Sounds like a good place to try, many thanks Red Queen, keep the reviews coming.

  2. pat says:

    Sounds like a perfect afternoon 😉

  3. greyjake says:

    Ah! Barney Kessel and Shelley Manne, who can forget their modern jazz interpretations of “My Fair Lady” and “Carmen”. Magic.

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