Horsing around!

I was having a clear out on my laptop and came across these photos which I know my grand-daughter will love but  hopefully others will like them too.  They are taken in and around the Caldera del Rey Stables which is just above the resorts of Las Americas and Los Cristianos.  Some of the photos are mine but some belong to the stables.  Remember to click on an image to enlarge it for a better view.

If anyone is interested in a lesson while on holiday Caldera are open all year round, 7 days a week. You can have a lesson in the paddock or take a hack where you will go through banana plantations and see avocados  mangoes, oranges and lemon groves and also tomatoes being cultivated.

Telephone: +34 648 650 441

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  1. nelekemaene says:

    OOOO…………………. If only I could….. ( maybe if we are in Tenerife long enough ) I used to ride every free moment ; I had my diploma to teach… ( I used to drive my mum crazy , she always was going crazy about the way my clothes ( and me ) where smelling – and I used to say I loved that ! 😉 xxx

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