Markets – home and away

Whilst I don´t like the markets where you can buy the entire range of Gucci, Burberry or Louis Vuitton knockoffs, I am a sucker for a good fruit and veg stall.  I do my shopping at the weekly Farmers markets in Las Chafiras or Adeje.  Sometimes while visiting other areas around the island, if I see a market I usually call in.  Why? Because I know, the produce is as fresh as it could possibly be and in many cases, it is organic too.

As much as I use the markets in Tenerife, unfortunately I don´t have a single photo, probably because I am thinking about what we are likely to eat in the days ahead rather than about seeing a mouth-watering feast of succulent fruit and vegetables.  Nevertheless, wherever I am on holiday, I make a point of seeking out where the locals buy their produce.  I have been to markets that are only a couple of stalls, or even a few boxes of freshly picked vegetables; markets that are a mix of food and clothes, books etc. and markets that are huge tourist attractions like those in Barcelona and Rome.

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There is a comprehensive list of Markets (both Farmers and the other kind!) on the last page of my Things to Do each month blog.  So if like me you like your food fresh or you want to find a bargain, take a look 

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4 Responses to Markets – home and away

  1. nelekemaene says:

    I love markets … ( not the fake Gucci, Burberry or Louis Vuitton knockoffs.- so ugly !! .. 😉 ) but the colours , finding something beautiful creative people make themselves , real local things … Have a nice weekend hun !! xxx

  2. ceejayblue says:

    What always amazes me with local markets abroad is the vast diversity of all the food they have. UK markets just have the usual, although I think it is slowly changing in some places. I always seek out markets wherever I go. I even love looking at the fake goods stalls (don’t buy anything but love to tease the stallholders who insist they are real!), one thing I do get upset about is how many souveniers are made in China, although I’m never surprised that they are. I love to buy fans and have bought several beautiful ones from Spanish markets but not one of them has been made in Spain!

    I’m going to make a point of trying to find something authentically Spanish made when I’m on the Costa Del Sol in September. I try and buy saffron when I’m away but sometimes I do wonder if that’s always from a local source.

    Your pictures made me feel very hungry and long for the warmth of the Spanish sun. Roll on September.

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