El Candil de la Abuela (Grandma’s Kitchen) – Parque de la Reina

I have driven past Parque de la Reina hundreds of times. It is a quiet residential area where the houses look nice, it is within easy access of the TF1 and only minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Los Cristianos.  It is not the sort of place, however, that I have ever thought of going for a meal. I had of course seen the adverts for Lupita where you can get a 3 course meal from €3.95 and that has got to be tried as some stage.  So when I asked girlfriend for some suggestions for our weekly lunch date and she said I have seen somewhere called Grandma’s Kitchen we agreed it was worth a try.

Parque de la Reina

We arrived thinking parking would be easy but in fact it was quite busy so we pulled in along the road after seeing the restaurant sign El Candil de la Abuela, fortunately Linda also spotted the sign in English which said Grandma’s Kitchen as I had translated it in my head as Grandma’s Candle!! It is next door to what appeared to be a popular bar Servelyn and we could hear the TV showing football and the Brit locals cheering on whoever was playing.

El Candil de la Abuela

Upon entering  Grandma’s it looked very Spanish, not a great picture as the sun was blinding and I was hopping around on one leg waiting for someone to leave the ladies  (which was modern and very clean). But on my way back to our table on the patio I noticed the tapas on the bar looked tempting and there was a good selection.

Grandma's Kitchen Grandma's Kitchen

The kitchen at the back of the bar was open for all to see.  The ladies who were doing the cooking and the serving may or may not have been Grandma’s (I am terrible with guessing peoples ages) were taking a well earned break.  An elderly gentleman welcomed us, opened our menus and offered us drinks.

El Candil de la Abuela

The restaurant is Canarian and run by Canarians so not much English was spoken or understood but we managed to get across that we wanted an Agua con Gas and a glass of San Valentin.  The food that was coming out to the other tables looked good, opposite were having pasta and the folks by the entrance a stew of some sort and if I had any idea what it was I probably would have chosen it.  I looked at the menu and wasn’t tempted by either the tripe or the pigs trotters but decided on the home-made Chicken Kiev and Linda went for the Pork.  You are wondering with our lack of language skills how we managed, well the menu is quite extensive and has been translated into several languages.  Also while the light is shining on the plastic menu cover there is also the image of a candle on each page that’s the red bit at the side (so I was rather pleased that I had recognised that immediately).

El Candil de la Abuela

El Candil de la Abuela

My food was delicious, two breasts of chicken stuffed with lashings of garlicky butter and held together with fresh breadcrumbs (not those orange things that come out of a cardboard box).  Linda had two huge chops not those skimpy little things that come in supermarket packs but thick, with hardly any bone and complete with rind.  Not for me but whereas I have never seen her eat two pieces of meat before (she would ordinarily take some home) she ate every scrap and declared it superb. 

El Candil de la Abuela

We were tempted by the Tiramisu but there had been a rush on it which was a good sign, so we ordered the last remaining one and the Quesillo which we then shared.  I loved the tiramisu but found the cheesecake a little heavy although it was very prettily presented with a wafer and a chocolate straw.  On hindsight, maybe it wasn’t heavy it was just that I was stuffed and shouldn’t have been so greedy!

El Candil de la Abuela

When our bill arrived it was under €20, the wine was only €1.80 a glass which is, I think, the cheapest we have had anywhere.  We had a lovely meal, surrounded by the chatter of true Canarian locals where we least expected to find them and it will not be the last time we eat here.  I would happily recommend to anyone who has the transport to get there but don´t want it to become too popular in case it loses some of its traditional charms.

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    Thanks for this – but you should definitely try Lupita soon!

  2. Carol says:

    Looks very nice x

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    You made me hungry again…. 😉 xxx

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