Party Season in Tenerife

We are almost halfway through the year and already we have seen lots of romerías (pilgrimages held in honour of the Virgin Mary or a patron saint), colourful fiestas and hosted the largest and liveliest carnival – so spectacular that it is said to rival Rio.

Just as Tenerife has the carnival season we also seem to have the ‘romería season’ between May and October, so what other festivals are in store for the remainder of the year?

June is quite busy with the Romería de San Antonio de Padua taking place in many towns and villages although mainly in the south of the island as he is the patron saint of Granadilla. The Pilgrimage to San Isidro which many celebrate in May also spills over into the new month and of course perhaps the most famous of Tenerife’s religious festivals this month is Corpus Christi.  Vast, intricate coloured carpets of flower petals and volcanic sands are laid out in the streets of La Orotava but also in Adeje.

The Fiesta del Carmen is celebrated in July in honour of Our Lady, the patron saint of fishermen. During the celebration, the statue of Mary is carried from the chapel to the beach where boats adorned with coloured flags sound their horns. Dancers with ribbons also take part in the procession which is followed by another excuse for a fabulous firework display. The most spectacular event can be found in Puerto de La Cruz although there are lesser events in many fishing communities around the island.

Romeria (26)

In August there seems to be a romería every weekend from the Virgen del Candelaria (the patron saint of the island) which attracts thousands of pilgrims many of whom spend the night before walking the roads that lead to Candelaria.  There is the immensely popular Romería de San Roque in Garachico and the unusual “Los Corazones de Tejina” (Hearts of Tejina) where enormous hearts made of flowers and fruit are at the centre of the celebrations that attract visitors from all over the island. While the last two are in the north there are still plenty of events to enjoy in the south.  Both Alcalá and La Caleta celebrate the Nuestra Senora de Candelaria again taking the virgin down to the sea which is followed by lots of activities including traditional music, stalls and of course the ubiquitous firework displays.

Festivities in honour of Christ of La Laguna are held during the month of September and the 14th is a holiday in the municipality. (see below). The festival program is packed with both religious and cultural events and lots of the parties naturally ending with firework displays

Towards the end of October there is the Pilgrimage of Adeje.  Many visitors who come to the southern resorts are surprised by this traditional Canarian party with carts, oxen, dancing to timples (a Canarian stringed instrument) and chácaras (Canarian castanets).


And finally before the Christmas rush we have the Fiesta de San Andrés, although Puerto does it to a lesser degree, the most famous events take place in Icod de los Vinos in November.  The name translates to Place of Wine and produces some of the best wine on the island. During this fiesta the young people slide down the steep streets on greased pinewood boards, a reminder of when the wine barrels were rolled out. Each family opens up its cellar and the new wine is tasted.

In addition, to national holidays each municipality has its own two days, that it chooses to set aside for fiestas (many of these can change each year) but, if you plan carefully you can spend almost all your time visiting local fiestas.

ADEJE – 12th Feb. Carnaval /14th Oct. Festival de Santa Úrsula.
ARAFO – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 26th August Festival de San Bernardo.
ARICO – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 24th June Festival de San Juan Bautista.
ARONA – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 7th Oct. Santísimo Cristo de la Salud.
BUENAVISTA DEL NORTE – 24th Aug. Festival San Bartolomé / 25th Oct. Festival de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios.
EL ROSARIO – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 5th Aug. Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza.
EL SAUZAL – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 3rd May Fiesta de la Cruz.
EL TANQUE – 31st Aug. Festival de Nuestra Señora /21st Oct. Festival Santísimo Cristo.
FASNIA – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 19th August Fiesta Patronal de San Joaquín.
GARACHICO – 26th July Festival de Santa Ana / 16th August Festival de San Roque.
GRANADILLA DE ABONA – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 13th June Festival San Antonio de Padua.
GUÍA DE ISORA – 24th June Celebración de San Juan / 16th Sept. Santísimo Cristo.
GÜÍMAR – 29 June Fiestas Patronales San Pedro Apóstol / 7 Sept. Fiesta Nuestra Señora de El Socorro.
ICOD DE LOS VINOS- 12th Feb. Carnaval / 25th April Festival de San Marcos.
LA GUANCHA – 18 Jan. Nuestra Señora La Esperanza / 19th Aug. Lunes de las Fiestas Patronales
LA LAGUNA 12th Feb. Carnaval / 14 Sept. Fiesta del Santísimo Cristo.
LA MATANZA – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 6th August Día de El Salvador.
LA OROTAVA – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 6th June Corpus Christi.
LA VICTORIA – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 2nd Sept. Fiesta Nuestra Señora de La Encarnación.
LOS REALEJOS – 22th January Festival San Vicente / 3rd May Exaltación de Santa Cruz.
LOS SILOS – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 24th June San Juan.
PUERTO DE LA CRUZ – 3rd May Fiesta de la Exaltación de la Santa Cruz /16th July Festival de la Virgen del Carmen.
SAN JUAN DE LA RAMBLA – 24th June Fiestas San Juan / 9th Sept. Fiestas de San José.
SAN MIGUEL DE ABONA – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 30th Sept. Fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel.
SANTA CRUZ – 12th Feb. Carnaval / 3rd May Fiesta de la Santa Cruz.
SANTA ÚRSULA – 12th Feb. Carnaval a7 21st Oct. Día de Santa Úrsula
SANTIAGO DEL TEIDE – 25th July Festival Apóstol Santiago / 26th July Festival Nuestra Señora de Santa Ana.
TACORONTE – 12th February Carnaval / 25th Nov. Santa Catalina.
TEGUESTE – 25th Apr Festival San Marcos Evangelista / 9th Sept Festival de Nuestra Señora de los Remedios.
VILAFLOR – 26th Apr Festival del Hermano Pedro / 2nd Sept. Festival de San Roque y San Agustín.

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