Peshawari Indian Restaurant, Golf del Sur

Since it moved premises a couple of years ago from Palm Mar to Golf del Sur this Indian restaurant has maintained its excellent reputation and the food is “still as good as ever”… according to girlfriend.  It was my first time eating here and it was a lovely surprise in a touristy area.  I liked the combination of adventurous cuisine with very accommodating service.  The owner Kumar could not have been more attentive.

We sat on the terrace and ordered a butter chicken, a chicken Kashmir and then to share a pilau rice and a Peshawari Naan.  While these were being freshly cooked we were given complementary papadums and three lovely dips.  These weren´t your out of a jar type dips they were home-made, the normal chopped onion was replaced with onion and red peppers, you could taste the fresh mint in the mint dip and the chutney was sticky and sweet without being sickly.


Our main courses were delicious with incredibly subtle blends of spices, the naan bread was bursting with coconut – in a word the cooking was “delectable”. So good you could almost have been forgiven for licking the plate clean.  I had a bottle of water and I can´t honestly remember whether Linda had one or two glasses of wine, whatever it was it was enough that we felt relaxed to spend the rest of the afternoon chilling in the lovely atmosphere.



The ambience was as far as you could possibly get from the high-street Indian restaurant and was more middle-of-the-road, country pub with its white stucco walls and old beams.


Despite its very impressive cooking, it did on our Friday lunchtime visit remains pretty much empty throughout our stay – possibly something to do with the fact that even fans find it more expensive than the usual Indian restaurant even if it is among the best of the best in Golf del Sur. Our bill was a staggering €40 (that seems a lot of money for old ladies that don´t work!) but it really was worthwhile.


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  1. bill barton says:

    We shall give this place a try in January , the first impression I got when looking at the photo was “it looks more like an English inn than an Indian restaurant ” perhaps they could make it look more “INDIAN”

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