Good for lunches, teas or just a snack.

Having been away and having a backlog of restaurants to tell you above I thought I would combine these three which are very different types of food but all good for a cheap light lunch or snack.

Girlfriend and I first visited Arepera Doña Arepa on the ground floor of the Valdes Centre in Los Cristianos.  It is one of many Venezuelan restaurants in the south of Tenerife but until our visit neither of us had tried Arepas.  I had made them at home (because OH had picked up the wrong sort of flour from the supermarket) but I wasn´t sure what they should really taste like.  As it turned out, they were excellent.  I went for the beef which came with a slice of cheese and Linda had the chicken, avocado and something else can´t remember what but it was squidgy and she said tasty.  We also shared a bowl of fries and had a soft drink each.  Getting served did test our linguistic skills as not a single word of English was spoken which may frustrate some tourists, however for the price €11 we thoroughly enjoyed our lunch.

Dona Arepas (7) Dona Arepas (2)Dona Arepas (5)Dona Arepas (6)  

For afternoon tea we popped into the Apolo Centre in Los Cristianos to treat ourselves at  the Croquant with a mouth-watering fresh cream scone for me and Linda had the cream and pear pastry.  They also make a pretty decent cup of coffee.  I bought a slice of apple pie for ‘you know who’ at home and the bill was €8 a cheap price to pay for a lot of spoiling.

Dona Arepas (9) Dona Arepas

Our final recommendation that won´t break anyone’s bank is in Las Americas.  We had spent the afternoon looking for OPI nail-polish without success finally ending up at Maya when I said I knew a nice little cafe (nothing much to look at) that served good food.  When I was last there it was called The HMS Discovery and is on the sea front before you reach CC Salytien.  My last visit must have been a long time ago because it is now on it’s third owner since then.  Now named Mr Ts it has had a make over as well as new management.  I had an egg baguette which was freshly cooked, the egg still hot and deliciously runny even if I had to be careful I didn´t dribble down my top!.  Linda had the scampi with chips and salad again very good, we both had drinks and the bill was €15.   The food is as good as ever, the service was friendly and it is an ideal spot to sit and take in the afternoon rays.

Mr Ts (2) Mr Ts (3)

Mr Ts (4)

The new owners of Mr Ts

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  1. ceejayblue says:

    Oh you always know how to make my mouth water! LOL! If you need any OPI nail varnish when I come over next year let me know and I can get some for you (get great prices on QVCUK!).

  2. missmoonpoppie says:

    OMG !!!! I want that creme scone !! I love it , but you can’t find it here…. 😦 xxx

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