Mirador La Centinela – Valle San Lorenzo

On Sunday friend and I went for a drive where the municipalities of San Miguel and Arona meet, we ended up at El Mirador La Centinela, along the Valle San Lorenzo road.  She had not been before and was blown away by the most spectacular views.

Mirador means a vantage point or viewing platform and this certainly is a vantage point to view Los Cristianos, Las Americas and across to San Eugenio in the west.   Directly in front we spotted the Castillo San Miguel where they have the Medieval Knights shows. Slowly turning around Las Galletas, El Medano, the airport come into view and beyond the wind turbines at Granadilla.   Although it was a clear day, it was hot and the horizon had a heat haze that almost hid Gran Canaria, not quite, we could just see it with the naked eye but not clear enough to take a photo.  In fact from up here we could virtually see the whole of the southern coast and the blue Atlantic, lay before us. It is totally breath-taking and all you can say is WOW!

It is a long time since I have been here.  The last time was when it was owned by the Ayuntamiento so it was the local council caf! But since around 2011 new people have taken it over so apart from the views I didn´t know what to expect.  As it turned out it was like stepping back in time, the first thing you notice, as you walk down the stairs unlike almost every other restaurant is not masses of marble but beautiful mahogany floors.  Then you are greeted by the spectacular views from the semi circular wall of glass that stretches the entire length of the building, it is simply STUNNING!

 Mirador La Centinela (10) Mirador La Centinela (11)

Unfortunately while we were there they were expecting a wedding party so were not serving lunches.  However they did offer us a snack.

Mirador La Centinela (8)

I went for the baguette filled with Serrano ham, mushroom, roasted red pepper and what was described as apple sauce but actually tasted of figs it was delicious and only €2.00.  Linda went for the cheese and bacon, same price.  She had a glass of wine I had water then we hit the pudding cabinet.  Far too much choice and all €3.50.  I went for the raspberry, strawberry and cream gateau, she was lured by the cream slice with crunchy biscuit topping.  We could have had tiramisu, crème caramel, chocolate mousse, apple pie there was a great selection.

Mirador La Centinela (12) Mirador La Centinela (13)Mirador La Centinela (14)Mirador La Centinela (15)

It was getting warm indoors so we asked if they would serve our puddings on the terrace which they were more than happy to do.  We also had another drink and then later in the afternoon the wedding guests started to arrive.  We quickly paid our bill as it would have been chaos with so many people milling around.

Despite being really busy nothing was any trouble to the staff.  It hasn´t changed in all the time I haven´t visited still as nice as ever.  If you sit inside by the window it is like sitting at the edge of the world.  If you want traditional food because that is what they serve when they are doing meals you will get a nice meal at a reasonable cost and if you have friends that you want to make an impact on then this is the place to take them they will be amazed!

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  1. Shruti says:

    So funny! When we tried to stop by there, we ran into a wedding party as well! We just climbed the other lookout beyond the driveway and went on our way.

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