A hard act to follow!

On Wednesday morning I had an appointment with the new doctor that is replacing Karen Whittaker as I understand she is considering returning to the UK, they only opened on the Monday and Karen finished on Friday so I had missed her by just a few days.

The new medical practise is part of the Excellent Medical Group that we went to a couple of years ago and operate in Golf del Sur. When we arrived we were greeted by Joanne the receptionist who is English but I am guessing she is married to a Canarian as she said they only spoke Spanish at home.  She introduced us to Ali the very handsome male nurse and then we also met the doctor who does morning surgeries from 9.00am until 2.00pm a very attractive German blonde called Dr Teoman who speaks good English.  The clinic is open 6 days a week until 8.00pm so the afternoon sessions are run by Dr Juan Carlos from Cuba (not seen him yet) but so far I was favourably impressed.

I was expecting based on our visit to Excellent  in the Golf and the fact they also have a practice in CC Plaza del Duque where you need to have either plenty of money in the bank or a strong heart just to look at the prices in the shop windows, that there would be a price hike.  However, this is not the case, in fact an initial consultation has dropped to €29 – OK it is only saving a Euro but a nice surprise.  They are also offering what I think is an excellent scheme.  You purchase an Annual Health Card for as little as €9 a month (paid in advance) in return you receive general medicines and paediatrics, simple blood tests and X-rays, FREE!  You even get your first visit, clean and polish at the dentists FREE.   If you need specialist services they can provide these in all the following areas (see image) at the centre in the Golf at a 50% discount and 30% discount on dentistry and dental prosthesis (false teeth to you and me!).  If you are a bit of a sicky or need lots of medication this sounds as if over the year it could work out cheaper than many medical insurances.


I have to admit that I was rather anxious before my visit as Karen is a hard act to follow and when something medical is involved it is important that both parties understand what is being said and the advice given in return.  As it turned out there was no need for concern, and while nobody gets pleasure from having to visit a doctor, from my initial visit I think we are very lucky in who we now have.

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  1. bill barton says:

    Nice to hear some positive comment about health care abroad as Brits tend to be hypercritical
    Personally we would have ne hesitation recommending Excellence as we have tried and tested them in the past

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