A whale of a project

A few months ago as we were driving along the duel carriageway at the side of the swimming pool and sports centre between Las Americas and Los Cristianos,   OH pointed out a mountain of concrete blocks.  He was pondering what the building project might be that needed such giant concrete cubes when I piped up that I had read it was something to do with strengthening the harbour wall.

The next thing I know he has been strolling around town, peeping through fences and clicking away with his camera and proudly announced those block thingys are something to do with the port.  Now I am beginning to wonder if there is an echo in here.

harbour wall los cris (2)

After that instead of the girls usual walks, he took to hanging around the harbour taking pictures as the blocks were lowered into place and he found it totally fascinating.  I, on the other hand probably because I like a lot of graffiti I see around town found it more fascinating that the whale mural, one of the largest in the world is to be given a facelift.

The original mural re-creates whale and dolphin life in their natural habitat and was painted more than ten years ago by conservationists and environmental activists from the Atlantic Whale Foundation to highlight these mammals’ need for protection from man and as a reminder of the fragility of nature.

Image taken from internet

Image taken from internet

It would now seem to the trained eye that the first part of the project has been completed and we are now heading towards phase 2.  The harbour wall has been closed ready for the huge task of stripping down the old covering, re-plastering with hopefully something that will last more than 10 years and leaving a suitable surface on which 100 art students can create a new mural showing off some of the dolphins and whales that live in the waters around our island.

I read that Los Cristianos harbour has more than two million passers-by each year, I really like the old mural as dilapidated as it is, so I hope that giving this a new lease of life will be equally as good and be a unique showcase for these magnificent creatures.

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  1. Monique says:

    The concrete blocks look very similar to a South African invention we have on our coastline and which act as a break water …just that ours are a slightly different shape. It is called Dolosse. Here is a link to the story of this invention. http://educators.cup.co.za/?m=1&idkey=554

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