When the temperature rises

Summer is here and I thought I would share a couple of things that I will be eating and drinking in the heat. Yes you guessed, quick and effortless.

I will make a very large jug of Tinto de Verano, the name in English translates to “Red Wine of Summer.” It is similar to sangria, but has less alcohol, making it perfect to sip on a hot afternoon.  It is also a very Spanish drink often served by locals at parties and seen as less “touristy” than sangria. It can be bought in the supermarkets but it is so easy to make at home and takes all of 5 minutes.

It can be varied in many ways rum is sometimes added but I have included a couple of ideas for those who went mad on holiday and bought that interesting bottle of liqueur and now don´t know what to do with it.

A bottle red wine.
A can of Fanta Limon, Seven Up or Lemon and Lime Soda
Banana liqueur (Optional)
Apple liqueur (Optional)
Some slices of lemon and orange.
Plenty of ice

Put the sliced fruit and the ice in the jug you will use to serve the drink.
Add the liqueur(s) or rum if using
Add the red wine and
Pour over the carbonated lemonade – don’t stir.

Image from Internet as I have not made it yet, that will be later today!!

I will also have some of my favourite morcilla dulce.  For anyone who thinks they don´t like black-pudding wait until you have tried these stuffed with raisins and almonds.

DSC04589 DSC04590Lightly fried 2 minutes maximum and then well drained on kitchen roll. Delicious served with goats cheese but if you want to fiddle around, then they can also be served as they are in this image taken from the internet.

I went to a friends BBQ and had tomatoes stuffed with garlic and cheese.  I made them earlier in the week with home-made burgers and salad and they are really delicious so will also be trying these along with the vino.

Cut large tomato in half, then cut 5-6 slices almost all the way through. Put slices of Mozarella and Gouda cheese in the cuts, alternately. Sprinkle with fresh chopped garlic and black pepper, Bake on med/low oven until tomatoes are soft and cheese melted.

For weather & news updates around south Tenerife check Queenies Daily Snippets

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3 Responses to When the temperature rises

  1. missmoonpoppie says:

    I’m hungry !!!! 😉 xxx

  2. ceejayblue says:

    Oh my! You’v got my mouth watering again! I lover tinto verano and I make an excellent Sangria (was taught by someone in a Spanish bar years ago) that goes down very well at parties! Will definitely give those lovely Morcilla a try when I’m away in September! Will probably be in Tenerife early next year so on the look out for places to stay and eat! LOL! xx

  3. Blyth Spirit says:

    Love black pudding but the Spanish Morcilla is so much nicer.
    Even the stuff Mercadonna sell is tastier than ours.

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