The Birth of an Island

I recently received an email from a friend Sandra that included a host of images some of which I have included below. It briefly described with one liners how a sailing crew had witnessed the creation of a new island due to a volcanic eruption.  Living on a volcanic island I thought this was fascinating, but was it just one of those urban legends, folklore, myths or rumours that do the rounds from time to time.

I did a bit of investigating and came across a blog called Fredrik and Crew on Maiken This described what had been seen in August 2006 by the crew on the yacht.  The phenomena they spotted were a series of pumice rafts resulting from a nearby eruption, one that was forming a new volcanic island in Tonga. I found the specific articles on this quite hard to read because there are no paragraph breaks, so I have given you a taster plus the links so you can see exactly what happened and decide for yourself whether you believe it or whether the images have been doctored.


Lat 19 deg 00′ Long 174 deg 48′ Saturday Aug 12 17.45 local time

We left Neiafu and Vava’u yesterday after some tedious checking out procedures and set sail for Fiji, passing the north side of Late island as first way point. After five miles we noticed brown, somewhat grainy streaks in the water. First we thought that it might be an old oil dumping. Some ship cleaning its tanks. But the streak became larger and more frequent after a while, and there were rock like brownish things the size of a fist floating in the sea. And the water were strangely green and “lagoon like” too. …..

A couple of hours ago we identified the active volcano as the one close to Home reef, and we are on our way there now to take a closer look.

We are two miles from it and we can see the volcano clearly. One mile in diameter and with four peaks and a central crater smoking with steam and once in a while an outburst high in the sky with lava and ashes.

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The following day this item was posted.

Yesterday we saw the birth of an island, most likely we were the first humans to see the new creation. We have some pictures, but they will have to wait until we have a chance to upload them. So you might have heard about the sailor superstition that you should “never leave on a Friday”. Well, we did and the sea turned to stone, it is hard to get a stronger sign than that. It sounds like a bad joke, but just wait until you see the pictures.

Floating stones none the less. When you pick them up, it is easy to see that they are really just volcanic ash that compressed into pumice stone. This experience mixed with a close encounter of three whales makes you understand that the ocean is full of surprises.  

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  1. ceejayblue says:

    An amazing experience for the people on that boat! I’d feel really emotional if I saw something like that. Nature is so wonderful but scarey at the same time.

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