108 Wine and Coffee Bar – Los Cristianos

This relative newcomer has recently made a bit of a splash in the local media, (well Facebook and Tripadvisor), so when friends suggested a night out we decided that we would give it a try.

108 is neatly positioned on a corner along the central pedestrianised street that runs between the seafront and the one-way system behind the Church in Los Cristianos.  It is a kind of arty, funky venue that blurs between bar and restaurant. It’s a formula that works well in the semi-basement premises with their chalkboards, jazzy music and open display of both bar and food preparation.

108, Los Cristianos

108, Los Cristianos

108, Los Cristianos

Our welcome was charming and professional and when shown a table with comfortable seats outside we declined and asked to sit indoors even though it was a warm evening, not even a hint of irritation emanated from our charming Norwegian waitress, Dina who turned out to be the owner.

The menu quickly arrived and it verges on being dangerously interesting with sufficient choice for all but the pickiest. We questioned various items and Dina was more than happy to accept our requests of I want chilli but not too much, or I know this comes with greens but can you just add potatoes too.

People always assume that restaurants are ‘about’ the food – while of course this is important it is also about the ambiance and at least for me service has to be close to the top of the list. Service that puts people at their ease, service that doesn’t get in the way of the diners conversation and service without embarrassingly long pauses. 108 hit the mark on this fronts.

The food arrived just at the right moment. A collection of tasty bits on a plate consisting of prawns, cheese and stuffed Serrano ham.  There was also a carrot soup, which Dave said, was quite spicy and OH had his garlicky prawns.




If you didn’t know the food was Portuguese-inspired, you’d just think that someone, in this case, Ricardo, had created a modern European menu that didn’t just round up what most people expect to be served from a restaurant in a holiday resort. Hallelujah, I just hope more restaurants take heed.

Helen and Dave both opted for the pork and fried potatoes, Jim had the chicken stuffed with ham and although he knows greens are good for him, he ate slowly while Ricardo prepared an extra helping of potatoes.  Totally out of character, I went for the salmon served with noodles and fresh vegetables. It turned out mouth-wateringly meltingly good and the only reason I couldn´t eat it all was because the serving was large.

108, Los Cristianos

108, Los Cristianos

If I have one criticism, it would be that I didn’t like the tablecloth.  Silly I know but I would have liked something light, preferably crisp white linen, but with so many good things going for this little restaurant that is me just being ultra-picky for the sake of it.

108 is a bit on the ‘rich side’ for our ‘Ladies wot lunch’ but for dinner, as a mid-priced restaurant one might find the setting, with its thoroughly convivial Boho feel, hard to beat.  Our meal for 4 including two vodka and cokes, 3 soft drinks, which we all followed with either cafe con leche or barraquitos came to €88 plus tip. I know a couple of people who will like it here (Carol and Ben, take note!!)

108 Los Cristianos

That is not a very small person in front of Ricardo, it is the design on his apron!

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9 Responses to 108 Wine and Coffee Bar – Los Cristianos

  1. Becky says:

    Why am I not surprised that JK had garlic prawns. Lol

  2. Carol says:

    Orr don’t leave me in suspense .😚x

  3. missmoonpoppie says:

    Hun, you’re making it very difficult… this year we just come for one week 😦 …. but my list is long enough for ages ! So there is only one solution…. 😉 xxx

  4. ceejayblue says:

    Oh my! Another one to put on the list to try when I come out next year! LOL!

  5. Carol says:

    Did I here my name mentioned 😉Sounds lovely Meryl I would of had the noodles also (& the Vodka & Coke of course )Will have to give it a try x

    • Carol it is just around the corner from Pascals, you know the place we couldn´t find!!

      Linda and I found a beaut today, but you will have to wait to hear about it. Not the cheapest ladies wot lunch but we thoroughly enjoyed it. xx

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