Charlys – Los Cristianos

The area around the Arona Gran Hotel is the gateway to the ‘exotic’ run of Brit bars like the Queen Vic, Big Bens and Desperate Dans and then there is Charly’s on the corner, which has been there for as long as I can remember.  Charly’s may not be a foodies’ choice, but it is one of those places worth knowing about for lunch.

Girlfriend and I rarely do the three course set menus – they may be cheap but usually the quality or quantity of food provided is very poor.  On this occasion, we sat taking in the peaceful view from the corner of the bar.  The day was extremely hot so the pleasant crosswind was refreshing.


Looking at the €8.99 menu we both felt we couldn’t be robbed for what was on offer.  There was something to suit most palates from pasta, fish or meat. For starters, I went for the onion rings and Linda the garlic bread, which because of their size we shared.

Charly Los Cristianos Charly Los Cristianos

I followed with the Steak Diane, and Linda the pork chop, both came with chips and fresh vegetables and we were both surprised at how tasty they were and the vegetables really were fresh.  We rounded off with strawberries and cream, Linda wanted trifle but that was still in the process of being made.

Service at Charly’s is agreeable if a little blank, nothing to complain about, but little to embrace possibly because unlike most of the bar/restaurants in the area the staff are Spanish/Canarian so English is not their first language.  The food while unremarkable is not your identikit Menu del Dia and for the price, it is a bit more impressive with its decent portions and fresh ingredients.

Some restaurants are just really worth knowing about, not because they are the best, more that they are in a handy location and the quality of the food can be relied on.  Charlys is one of these places,  large and popular, but not too popular – no good if they’re always booked out but a place worth bearing in mind for a nice lunch.

Charly, Los Cristianos

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