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This week girlfriend and I met in Los Cristianos; we thought we would give the pool bar at Summerland a try as we had heard reasonable reviews.  We parked up, entered the complex and couldn´t get through the door that leads to the pool area.  On asking we were told everyone walks through the bar!  So we did the same, passing the boxes of crisps and the guy pouring drinks.  It was exceptionally quiet; apart from one man waiting for his beer, we were the only people around the pool, which looked nice and clean.  We checked to see what was on offer for lunch.  Now perhaps the low attendance was a symptom of the total lack of inspiration, but the menu only offered a couple of toasted sandwiches and a full English or Veggie breakfast for €3 that was served until 4.00pm. I am not a huge fan of a fried breakfast at the best of times but in the heat of the day it certainly didn´t tempt me. Fortunately friend felt the same so we agreed it really wasn´t our scene and looked for somewhere else.

I am a great believer that things happen for a reason, we were meant to back-track on ourselves, we were meant to miss the only vacant parking slot, go round the roundabout and then park by a sign that said Troya.

This new venue is down the hill from the Paradise Park Hotel and opposite the Mongolian BBQ. Its street frontage looks little different from most places in the road with some nice outside tables.  It gives the external appearance of being fairly small.

Troya Los Cristianos (4)

Once inside, though, there is far more space than you might expect and the décor is notably pleasant – calm and understated.

Troya Los Cristianos (2) Troya Los Cristianos (3)

We were greeted by our waiter Paul (perhaps Pablo but he calls himself Paul for the benefit of us Brits).  He told us the restaurant had only been open 3 months; the owner was from La Gomera but had lived in the UK for 29 years where he had run a successful restaurant.

Both Linda and I were impressed from the word go, when our outside table was set with nice linen for our lunch.  We were given the menu which was interesting and a Menu del Dia which at €12.50 is more than most but as it had a nice selection, I decided to give it a try, especially after our success at Charlys   The table service was ‘relaxed’ but professional.  We could tell that just in the placing of our napkins Paul was used to silver-service.

Though the dishes are simple – the kitchen clearly knows its stuff. I ordered a prawn cocktail (so often mediocre) which was a wonderful light starter.  I had looked at the normal menu and this was priced at €8.50 so I thought it would be tiny but it was what I would call the normal serving size for a starter.  The sauce was home-made, the prawns large and juicy it contained pineapple and just a hint of lettuce.   Linda went for the garlic bread which she said was very satisfying.

Troya Los Cristianos (6) Troya Los Cristianos (7)

Our mains, I had the chicken, grilled with care, in pepper sauce that was served with fresh crunchy broccoli, carrots and cauliflower while Linda opted for the Sirloin Steak (not on the menu of the day) which came with a side serving of salad.  It is only now as I am typing this that I realise I jumped straight into the salad as it really stood out, when in fact it was probably Linda’s.  It was delicious with avocado, olives and tiny tomatoes but what the heck we normally share!   Both meals came with chunky chips that were sufficiently good to encourage more consumption than was truly necessary.

Troya Los Cristianos (13) Troya Los Cristianos (14) Troya Los Cristianos (15)

The dessert was perhaps not the world‘s greatest ever but in the heat of the day it was refreshing and for the price who could complain? In fact, by local standards, nothing was greedily priced and everything was of a consistently high standard far better than a lot of more expensive places.

Troya Los Cristianos (16)

If there was one complaint, it was the wine list; it offers a limited choice if you only want a glass and a half bottle of the cheapest is the same as the menu of the day, €12.50.  We therefore opted for our usual soft drinks plus a vodka and coke.

Overall we were both pleased not only with the level of style that we received for a lunch that cost around a tenner but it is the sort of place that I would be happy to take friends for an evening meal.  The new restaurant had plenty of style and on an evening music is provided by one Italian guy with a guitar so probably not too ‘in your face’, that conversation is going to be drowned out.

I hope they do well and keep attracting the more discerning clientele to the resorts.

Details : Troya Bar Restaurant
Avda Amsterdam No 6, Los Cristianos
Tel: 922789765  email:


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5 Responses to Troya – Los Cristianos

  1. adam lolley says:

    I would like to offer a reply on half of summerlands pool bar. We try our best to accommodate our customers as best we can. It must be said that this is a pool bar that is in a private residential complex, which means it is governed under spanish law differently to pool bars on ‘ tourist’ complexes. This means that unfortunately access is through the bar as the ‘public’ are not allowed access to the private -apartments. We had to fight hard to gain access through the bar.
    With regards to the menu, we offer a full range of meals at various times of the day. Including evening meals and a lightbite menu that is available all day. Along with the breakfast menu you mentioned. Again there is a lot of restrictions on food that can be offered under our licence. We do not claim to be a restaurant, and work under different laws. We have many people that walk quite a distance (or drive) to eat at ours. Because we strive to provide the very best quality of food available. With the staff having numerous years of experience both in the bar trade and preparing food.
    We have only had the bar for 10 months and we are continuing to go from strength to strength. We try to provide as many services to our customers as possible within the restrictions of the law. We now have a fully functioning private snooker room, darts, pool tables, mobility scooters, high quality food and much more.
    I am sorry that our services were not what you were looking for, and I am glad you found a nice restaurant to dine in. There are some wonderful restaurants in los Cristianos. I also hope this has explained some of the points you raised.

    Thanks and regards,

    Adam Lolley
    Proprietor of summerlands.

    • Adam, thank you for your reply. There was certainly nothing wrong with your service, in fact the person who told us to use the bar entrance was very pleasant. Perhaps it was the time of day we arrived but we only saw the one menu with the breakfasts and the sandwiches which we did not feel like (our problem not yours). I would certainly not criticise the quality of the food you do provide and maybe we should have asked if there was anything else available. Again that was a mistake on our behalf not yours. However as I said I have heard good reports on your bar and I will call around again because the setting which is all I can comment on was very pleasant.

      I would like to wish you the very best of luck in your venture, 10 months isn´t long to have earned a good reputation in these hard times and I am sure lots of blog readers will check you out.

  2. ceejayblue says:

    Another one to add to the list! lol! Sounds really nice. We’re just discussing timings for next year, came in June last time so may come a bit earlier as Annie is also off to Florida at some point next year – looking at February/March as possibilities. Can’t wait! Still, got CDS coming up on 31 August for 2 weeks so now counting down to that. x

    • Chris, don´t forget if you are coming in Feb it will be Carnaval, so you may find flights / hotels a wee bit more expensive you may have to book earlier rather than later.

      • ceejayblue says:

        Thanks will keep that in mind, although it will be worth it to be there when its on! LOL! Annie and I both love a good party!

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