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I am not a huge fan of some professional travel writers, sometimes their articles read as if they are only writing, god forbid, for the money.  They bung in as many scintillating ideas as possible to bedazzle the reader while paying little attention to accuracy.  I would hate to come across like one of these, even if I had the writing skills, which in all honesty I know I haven´t – but for one night only I did a damned good imitation to try and put the right words on paper (or is that screen) to convey the exact impression of what to expect from the Royal Garden Villas and Spa.  In order to achieve this I spent quite some time scratching my head trying to think of all the wonderful descriptive words to use in this review so I hope I have chosen wisely.

Firstly the background – how did OH and I come to be in such a posh place? :  I found myself talking to the Wedding and Events Manager and being nosey I asked if we could see what it was like. I am not ordinarily that cheeky but sometimes you just have to swallow your embarrassment and go for it,  if you really want something badly enough.  She kindly agreed and so it was we ended up spending Saturday evening here. Until my visit I had always assumed that the beautiful houses that line the road leading down to La Caleta were private, it was only recently that I learnt of the existence of this exclusive boutique hotel which has been here since 2006

We were told to park in the Club House car park and ring the bell on the carved Indian door. This is a proper bell where you pull a chord that sets off a chain reaction that ends in a resounding clang.  As Simona (W&E Manager) opened the door for us the view literally took our breath away and all I could say was WOW!  In front of us was the most stunning lake well actually it is a swimming pool with a small bridge crossing to reception but it was so tranquil I couldn´t ever imagine anyone doing more than dip an elegant toe in the water to cool off – certainly no rowdy splashing about.


At the time of our visit the only villa that was available to view, out of the 28 that are in the complex was called “Lotus”.  This has two bedrooms and is on two levels, what American’s call duplex.  Each villa is individually decorated by the owner an interior designer and architect; although they all have a similar theme, no two are identical.  If you have ever been to either Green Golf Resort or the Monkey Bar in Las Americas, these belong to the same consortium, then you will have an idea of the type of décor they favour although this is on a much grander scale.

Each front door has a welcoming wreath of flowers, and once inside the attention to detail is exquisite.  As we entered it was another breathtaking moment (oh there are plenty of those in this resort) as we were faced with a huge picture window which opened onto a panoramic view of the golf course.  Outside the living room is a spacious balcony with its own private pool and sun lounging area both in full sun and shade so whichever you prefer you will be catered for.

If you are staying for any length of time and consider some home-cooking there is a fully equipped kitchen with dishwasher as well as a washing machine and in this particular villa a tumble dryer. You can either do it yourself although I think this is a resort for the rich and famous so naturally you also have the choice of butler service – how grand is that!   It is also the sort of resort where privacy is guaranteed (for those A list celebrities and old money, rather than those nouveau riche who just want to be famous).

I thought the ground floor bedroom was lovely with its twin beds,huge bathroom and high end toiletries but it was put in the shade by the upstairs area.  This was as large as many people’s homes; it had a huge bath as well as hydro-massage shower and dressing room.  On the veranda another pool so again ideal for those who wanted to remain ‘incognito’ and of course in the living room, music centres, flat screen TVs in fact anything you could possibly think you may need or just fancy.

Click on the images below to enlarge or view as slides.

We wandered around this haven of tranquillity, peeking into the beautiful oriental designed spa with its indoor pool and Turkish baths; we quickly bypassed the gym, far too warm for all those instruments of torture that filled the room.  Around every corner there is something to catch your attention, whether it is a bronze statue, a decorated wall, some pretty little ducks or frogs edging a water feature, there is always something different or unusual to look at.

There is an attractive gazebo where tea is served each day, this is also used for anyone who wants to renew their wedding vows or have a wedding blessing ceremony.  I can’t think of a more idyllic setting for such an occasion.  I knew this place would be special just looking at the website, but until you have visited you can’t believe how beautiful and special it really is. I have decided that when our next celebration comes around, be it anniversary or birthday, I am going to stay here, not just for the perfect setting but for the utter peace and quiet, the service, the luxury and the pampering you receive and for that type of quality it really isn´t as expensive as I had imagined.

Gacebo de Ceremonia Royal Garden Villas

image (3)

OK this is the bit that the travel writer would want to get across, to anyone reading but then again he has probably been paid by the hotel to do this.….  On Monday evenings the hotel offers a special Cena al Fresco and on Thursday evenings Cena al Fresco Tropical these not only include entertainment to accompany your meal but also wine for €55 per person. Reservations can be made by calling 922711294.  The reason I have told you is because I was totally enchanted and captivated by such a wonderful place so close to home. I also find writing things down helps me to remember, so I have also just made a mental note to return in November when our foodie friends Charles and Valda will be here I just know it is going to knock their socks off.
(Charles if you reading this I checked and the restaurant has a fantastic selection of Canarian wines you will be spoilt for choice)

All set for Al Fresco nights

All set for Al Fresco nights

image (2)

Thursday Al fresco Tropical  Dinner

The resort also has its own restaurant – Restaurant Jardin which is where we ended our evening – but that is the basis of a whole new blog.

NB: Images that do not say Red Queen Musings, have been provided courtesy of Royal Garden Villas and Spa.
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  1. Amazing ! Stunning ! So beautiful , as ceejayblue said we will also book in when we win the lottery:) Fantastic review Aguilas .

  2. ceejayblue says:

    Wow, what a lovely place, don’t suppose we’d be able to afford to stay there when we come over next year – need a lottery win LOL! x

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