A Night on the Town – Tenerife

To listen to some folk, you would think there is only two types of entertainment to be found in Tenerife, either the dancing dogs and snake charmers on the hotel circuit or bar crawls, boat parties and clubs where there are drinking games throughout the evening.

In my opinion the majority of hotel entertainment is a bit like the food, rather bland as it has to suit all tastes. Although I am rather partial to a couple of the tribute acts that I have seen in some hotels. At the opposite end of the scale, if you are 18 years old and on holiday it is great fun to dress up to the nines and visit Veronica’s Strip.  While not quite up there with Ibiza, Tramp’s is probably the best known club in the area and what it lacks in size it makes up for with atmosphere.  If either of the above are your ideal way to spend an evening then enjoy, however, Tenerife has far more to offer to meet all your music tastes than either of the above and not just in the cabaret and music bars.

Nice weather means that outdoor music venues are common so sticking for the moment with the young, what could be better than the I Love Music Festival a regular ‘house’ music party held at Siam Park. The festival is huge and attracts some of the biggest names in the club scene.

August sees the return of Sunblast the largest and most important Canary Island electronic festival. , This is a mammoth party session with the pick of the crop of DJs from across Europe and beyond.

Closely following on Sunblasts heels is the  Arona Summer Festival  Previous events have been attended by more than 15,000 people as this event attracts some of the best names in the music industry.

Visitors whose musical interests lie more with folk will be interested in Los Sabandeños. Set up in 1966 they were named “Best international folk music group” by the North American magazine Record World. The group perform around the island as well as abroad and members always wear traditional costume and the classic “manta esperancera,” a typical coat worn by farmers in Tenerife.

Jazz lovers are not left out,  this year the 21st International Festival Canarias Jazz and Más Heineken kicked off in Tenerife.  It has become a “must” for enthusiasts who can enjoy performances by some of the best-known names in jazz.

Santa Blues is the most anticipated event for lovers of blues. It is another outdoor event sponsored by the Canaries Government and held annually in the capital.

Back in the 1980s Peter Gabriel and a group of colleagues put their musical heads together and founded The WOMAD Festival (World of Music, Arts and Dance) this truly international music festival has been coming to the Canary Islands for a few days each year since early 2000.  Unfortunately last year it was due to be in Gran Canaria and was cancelled.  I’ve not heard if it will be happening this year, but really hope it will as it is a laid-back event that attracts people of all ages.

For the past two decades classical music lovers have been appreciating the annual festival, simply called the Canary Islands Music Festival. It is very popular and attracts prestigious orchestras and soloists from around the world.

Tenerife even has its own Symphony Orchestra, (OST) founded in 1935 and currently conducted by Michal Nesterowicz, the orchestra has performed in countries such as the UK, Germany, Austria and China.

The world of Opera can be a powerfully enjoyable experience for anyone who loves music and during October the Auditorio de Tenerife will be hosting the light-hearted Così fan tutte while November brings in top names to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi with Nabucco.

The sounds of Hollywood are brought to the island with FIMUCITÉ, International Music Festival Cine de Tenerife.  This 7th edition will make the journey though the careers of composers David Arnold (StargateIndependence DaySherlock) and Marco Beltrami (HellboySoul SurferImmortal Wolverine), and will pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of James Bond films with a collection of recognizable tunes that have accompanied the action of the most famous secret agent in history.

And finally, Musical Theatre. “History, The Musical”, pays tribute to composers and musicians from classics such as Beethoven to contemporary including Abba, Queen, or Adele, without forgetting The Beatles, Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley.

No matter what your native language everyone can, follow the adventures of the teenagers of Rydell High who move between love and cars all spiced up with rock and roll! So it was great to see the Spanish version of Grease and finally, it is here, my ALL TIME favourite West End Musical, Les Misérables I now know what will be on my Christmas wish list.


It only goes to prove that despite popular misconception, Tenerife can offer a wide range of events and a full spectrum of genres for music lovers throughout the year

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