Tasca Tierras del Sur – Granadilla, Tenerife

Relying on Tripadvisor recommendations for restaurants is no guarantee of finding a good place to eat, especially if you are looking for a quality culinary experience rather than a pile it high for ten bob experience. Nevertheless following consistent acclaim I forwarded a review link to Helen and said what do you think of this place for Saturday night.   She agreed that the reviews were SO GOOD and there were enough of them not to have all been placed by ‘family and friends’ that it would be silly not to try Tasca Tierras del Sur.

I went to the restaurant website and booked our table for 8.30pm using My Table …. This for anyone who doesn’t know is a way to find and reserve a meal at some of the best restaurants in Europe. It hardly filled me with confidence that a local almost hidden-away restaurant high in the hills of Tenerife would have received my booking, but it all looked very professional and within minutes I had my confirmation.

By the time Saturday night came around and we drove the 25-30 minutes up to Granadilla, an easy one-road only drive, albeit a bit twisty at times, with wonderful views overlooking the south coast, I was looking forward to it. We had done our homework and realised that the restaurant was in a narrow one way street but at the bottom of the street was a car park and we slotted in there easily and walked back across the road and spotted the restaurant almost immediately.

Tasca Tierras del Sur

On entering we saw what can only be described as a large cheerily chaotic room, filled with rustic furniture, standard lamps, dried flowers, pictures and pottery and a huge bar which is impossible to reach but beautifully displays a long row of wine that the restaurant recommends.

DSC02616 DSC02617

As soon as we entered we received a genuinely warm welcome and were assured our table was reserved, so we relaxed.  At that point even though it was shortly after 8.30 apart from one table of 5 people we were the only ones in the restaurant.  This was soon to change as the evening wore on every table was filled, some more than once.  I would therefore, suggest it is wise to make a reservation at least if you are planning to visit at the weekend.


We were offered the menu in both English and Spanish as well as a complementary glass of cava before Victor the owner carefully explained what was and was not available that evening. We asked if the portions of tapas were enough for an evening meal or should we perhaps consider a main dish as well – the steak and the shredded pork both looked good.  But he said for a group of 4 people, three or four tapas should be sufficient.  He told us how the food was made from local produce and suggested what he thought we may enjoy.  He then went on to recommend wines, many Canarian with a few from the mainland too.  There was such an amazing selection that Helen chose a medium dry white Chasner and Jim and I had a delicious fruity wine from Guimar. I have said on numerous occasions neither Jim nor I are drinkers – I have actually been asked if we are alcoholics but Jim is generally the ‘evening driver’ so doesn’t drink and I get strange looks when I say no I am just allergic to alcohol.  Anyway, the range looked so good that I succumbed – however, I did suffer as I spent a large amount of the evening sniffing and wiping my watery eyes!


Now in the 8 years I have lived here and the numerous restaurants I have visited, I have never NOT ordered anything from the menu.  After our discussion with Victor he returned with our drinks and wandered back to the kitchen.  After a shortish period any concerns we had about not placing an order were entirely scotched when the first plate of freshly prepared food was placed before us. And they just kept coming.  A selection of croquettes filled with ham, cheese or prawns.  Honey glazed chicken wings, peppers stuffed with cod or beef and a Tatin cake, made of goat cheese, tomatoes, basil, cream and eggs.

The variety of the dishes is striking, nothing fancy, but everything done well, generously and honestly. What greater culinary delight is there than an expansive table awash with delicious and amazing food.

Service was friendly and verged on provincial with a lot of laughing taking place as our group and Victor learnt Spanish and English words from each other.

We enjoyed a leisurely meal and none of us had space for a main course, although we did manage to find a small hole to squeeze in the postres, two luscious strawberry cheesecakes, a scrumptious triple chocolate trifle and a strudel.

Times and hopefully tastes are a-changing because in this instance our high expectations were all surpassed by those whose recommendations we followed. No wonder Tripadvisor rate this restaurant overall number 1 out of 2,511 in Tenerife.  I know Jim and I will be going back and I think Helen has already told her next set of visitors they will be sampling the food here.

Simple things done well are the hallmark of Tasca Tierras del Sur.  When more restaurants can deliver effortlessly delicious, simple dishes such as this, Canarian cooking will truly have rediscovered its roots.

Calle de Pedro González Gómez, 20, 38600 Granadilla de Abona
Tel: +34 922 77 14 82  info@tascatierrasdelsur.com
Open Tuesday to Thursday 13:00 to 16:00 and 19:30 to 23:30
Friday and Saturday 19:30 to 23:30

NB: The restaurant is closed for annual holidays from 30th August – 30th September 2013

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