God is a DJ, Music is my Religion

Queenie has asked me so many times to write another piece for her; as per usual I have tonnes of ideas but don’t know where to start.

So I thought I’d write about something I love…MUSIC. To me music is my religion it brings about so many emotions: be it love, happiness, sadness, it can make you feel sexy, angry and sometimes all at the same time.  It can bring back memories and promote images of things to come.

I was very lucky as Queenie & Jimbo had an awesome record collection (for those of you too young to remember records look them up on Wikipedia).  I was allowed to listen to anything I wanted and I did. I sang along to the classics such as The Beatles and The Stones (Stones being my favourite) I loved Dr Hook and The Hollies. Mum had a thing for show tunes so Barbara Streisand was also on the turntable as was HMS Pinafore and the Mikado.

The first record I bought with my own money was Adam & the Ants – Prince Charming the memory is so vivid – I sat in Heelas (as it was then, now John Lewis) a café in Reading where mum and dad had taken me after my shopping treat – and dad asked for a snake and pygmy pudding!! And aged 8 or 9 I pawed over the cover and pictures he was gorgeous.  I read all the sleeve notes and eventually memorised all the lyrics.

I never properly got into what most would call mainstream pop, however I was there every Sunday between 5 and 7pm recording the Top 40 off the radio.

My teenage years were filled with a mix of heavy metal, indie and grebo grunge (again check Wikipedia) my Saturday job paid for my music, live gigs and a club in our town called The Agincourt which played all rock every Friday and Saturday night.

My first gig was at Brixton Academy – The Cult on their Electric Tour in 1987. Which means I was probably 14ish, I snuck out and this is probably the first time mum and dad are hearing about this.  It was amazing, I jumped around at the front of the crowd I got pushed and pulled from every direction.  By the time it finished my joints ached my ears rang and I could barely speak from singing along.  I also had to get up for school the next day!

From then on I was hooked I went to every gig I could my parents didn’t mind me going and often had to pick me up from London as I had missed the last train home.  Jimbo always will remember the time he came to pick me and a friend up from Wembley after seeing The Cure and rather than two girls getting in the car he had to squeeze six teenage girls in as 2 policemen attempted to look the other way. ( I suspect they thought better be overcrowded but at least get home safely).

As I got older I carried on going to gigs but branched out of my comfort zone I saw a lot of bands on reunion tours, The Mamas and the Papas, The Monkees, Herman’s Hermits.  I also got to see The Rolling Stones.  My taste in music is so varied mum often thought I was born in the wrong era.  However I am thankful I was born now so I can experience all of this music.

As well as gigs I was off to festivals, Glastonbury was my first but I didn’t pay for the ticket – it was a rite of passage with kids those days to bunk the fence and sneak in for the weekend.  No need for a tent a happy fellow festival goer would let you spend the night in their tent or car all you needed was money for beer and your ears to listen.

Along with Reading Festival, Phoenix and much later The Isle of Wight by then we were paying for our own tickets and staying in our own tents.  Festivals are a great way to see bands that you have never heard of or you would never normally go to see.  I’ve seen Sugababes actually after too many mojitos my friend and I got kicked out of The Sugababes so we went to see The Sex Pistols instead. Those big famous bands you listen to now, you can bet I saw them first either supporting someone or early down the list at a festival.  Mumford & Sons saw them supporting The Pogues, Blur I saw them supporting Jesus Jones at their first gig in Kentish Town.  Stone Roses, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, Biffy Clyro, Green Day and Marilyn Manson.

I don’t go that close to the front these days but I’m still dancing and singing away or sometimes I just close my eyes, sway and let the music take me away.

Music is my religion and if that is so God is a DJ.

Some of my all-time favourite tracks

The Hollies- The Air that I Breathe (makes me think of Queenie & Jimbo)
The Rolling Stones –Sympathy for the Devil
Pink Floyd- Comfortably Numb (I want this played at my funeral)
Loudon Wainwright – That’s my Daughter (I will dance with my daughter to this on her wedding day)
Chris Issack- Wicked Game (Mine and my husband’s song)
Athlete – Wires (makes me cry)
Placebo – Running up that Hill (makes me feel inspired)
Joan Jett – Bad Reputation (makes me rock out)

Images are courtesy of Google search and the article from Katy – That’s my Daughter. 

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  1. Paul Wilson says:

    Brill i love music to and was as dj in and around newcastle and loved it for 12 year in the end ended up owning a mobile disco’s business and did partys and wedding (long time ago)some great memoirs of taking 10 big heavy boxes full of records up 3 flights of stairs. what a great read hope Meryl let you do another nice 1 keep it up.


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