Restaurante Lupita: Parque de la Reina, Tenerife

This week was the last for a little while for us ‘ladies wot lunch’ as friend Linda is off to the UK to visit family and because her time is her own has booked a one way ticket until prices come down to a reasonable level for her return.

We therefore decided we would try somewhere we had both heard of, but which on one of her outings she couldn’t find.  As I was doing the navigating we arrived straight at the door only to find it firmly closed. In fact it looked as if it had never been open and if the sign hadn´t clearly said Amigos del Norte I would have been sure we were in the wrong place.  Plan B was to go to Grandma’s Kitchen in Parque de la Reina as we had previously had a really nice meal there and thought it deserved a return visit.  So 10 minutes later we found a parking slot directly outside the restaurant only to find that too was closed for ‘Annual Holidays’.  Bummer this was getting silly we had wanted this to be a great lunch and we didn´t have a Plan C!

I had heard of and Linda had been to Lupita, a Mexican style restaurant, just a few doors away from Grandma’s so we decided to lunch there.  I have often wondered what sort of place can offer a 3 course lunch for just €3.95 they also offer lunches at €4.95 and €5.95

Lupina Lupina (2) Lupita (3)

From what I could see of the meals being served it all looked very good.  Large metal bowls full of vegetable soup were placed on tables for people to help themselves and the main course plates were overflowing with food.  On the rough tables there were only the 3 meal options, and the place mats said the same but as we wanted this, our last lunch for a while, to be a bit special, when we ordered our drinks we asked if they had another menu.  The waitress was a little surprised as obviously most people opt for one of the above but she brought a large book filled with pictures and descriptions in several languages including English and Russian.

The pictures looked good and the prices excellent but being so cheap we really didn´t know what to expect.  I ordered the kebab which came with sliced potatoes, extremely crispy onions and was served with a blue cheese dressing and coleslaw.  The kebab was threaded with pork, bacon, onion, red and green peppers and was huge.  It was also delicious and at under €10 excellent value for money as there was too much for me to eat and as usual my dogs got a chunk of pork and bacon each.

Lupina (8)

Linda went for the spare ribs (3 racks) with garlic bread, coleslaw, sweet corn and I think they were green chillies, she also ordered a bowl of chips and said all were good except the chillies which as she was unsure of how hot they were likely to be didn´t try those.  Her meal including the chips was around €13.00

Lupina (6)

In my opinion both meals were excellent value and I would imagine they would cost almost double if you were to have something similar in one of the resorts.

The restaurant was very different to most, quirky and cluttered but interesting too and I could have spent a long while just looking around all the knick-knacks they have around the inside area.

Lupina (9) Lupina (10)

The outside patio area where we ate was tented, with a huge (I think) cactus surrounded by a stripy snake as the centrepiece.  The floor was rough wood, the tables a bit battered but the seats were comfy and although it was semi open they had ashtrays on the tables for those who need a cigarette after their meal.

Lupina (4)

Service was excellent, attentive and professional in fact I don´t know why more people have not heard of this gem.  I will be taking OH here soon, I think we may even give one of the set menus a try and at their sort of prices it could even be my treat!

Address and phone number can easily be seen on the photos above.

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