Dragonflies in Tenerife

While sitting on the patio something caught my eye it was large iridescence and moved extremely quickly.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera close to hand so borrowed this picture from the internet as it shows exactly what was flying about my garden yesterday morning.  It was male and an Emperor Dragonfly, if it had been a female it would have been less showy and a dull brown and green!

I can only assume it is the time of year when they are around as I remember reading that fellow blogger Willie had spotted some in La Gomera you can see his by clicking the link, his were red and also very pretty.

I like dragonflies, not only because they keep down the mosquitoes but because wherever they are found, they mean different things to different people.  For instance to the Japanese they symbolise joy and prosperity and denote the seasons of summer and autumn.  The Samurai use the dragonfly as a sign of power, while in China people associate them with harmony and give them as good luck charms to those they love.

Amongst Native Americans they are a sign of happiness, speed and some believe they are the souls of the dead confirming there is life after death.  Whilst seeing two dragonflies together means eternal love.

The dragonfly frequently represents change and a sense of self realisation based on understanding and the deeper meaning of life.  As the dragonfly lives only a few months, it knows it must live its life ‘in the moment’ and to the full within the short time it has, which is a lesson for all of us. So never be afraid to be yourself we only have one life – be like the dragonfly, grab life and live it now!

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One Response to Dragonflies in Tenerife

  1. ceejayblue says:

    We have dragonflies and damsel flies (smaller versions) in our garden throughout the summer, we’ve even had them coming into the house! They are so beautiful. A couple of years ago we had a small pop up pond on our patio and one day we saw some odd things on the leaves of the iris in there. When we looked it was damsel flies coming out of their pupae and climing up the leaves to dry off before flying away. It was absolutely fascinating and although we don’t have that pond now, we still have a fish pond at the top of the garden and we get them there too. Nature is truly wonderful.

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