A question at sunset

Throughout the day the perpetual skies of summer flare up in a luminous neon-blue but on an evening it is the magnificent sunsets that fill the entire sky with the deep colour of orange, yellow and ruby setting the clouds ablaze. The sea below mirrors the effect with waves that are tinted vermilion.

The sun is setting and you are beginning to notice that someone is slowly turning up the brightness, everything has a crystal and piercing clarity. Is this caused by the stillness of the air or your sense of your own mortality under the immense sky which is now more purple than red?

Finally a black blanket dotted with glistening silver stars is pulled over the sky, highlighting the transition from day to night and you ask yourself the eternal and timeless question all women have asked throughout the ages:

“What will I cook for dinner?”

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4 Responses to A question at sunset

  1. Gill Allen says:

    Lovely Photos – will be there in a few weeks ! I LOVE Tenerife 🙂

  2. ceejayblue says:

    Oh my, you should write a book, your words and the photos together paint such beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to see it all in March!

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